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Sunday, July 14, 2024 - 05:40 PM


First Published in 1994


Congress is negotiating appropriations bills for the DOJ and DHS

Congress is negotiating appropriations bills — which it wants to pass before March 22 — for the Departments of Justice and Homeland Security. Instead of throwing money at Biden’s wide-open border, Congress must defund Biden’s unconstitutional and subversive policies, and use this opportunity to enact strong, pro-American border reforms. 

It’s essential that Congress act: The Biden administration is intentionally importing hundreds of thousands of illegals into the United States, and is threatening to release even more. And tens of thousands of Chinese “migrants” are being apprehended. Contact your U.S. representative and senators, and urge them to take bold action to secure our borders!

This migration surge is no accident — mass migration is a tool of the Deep State to fundamentally alter the United States. By importing significant numbers of individuals from cultures with no knowledge or understanding of the U.S. Constitution and the Founding Fathers’ philosophical principles, the Deep State and the Left are able to reshape the nation to their liking — importing the very type of socialist and corrupt governments that many migrants arrived from.

Furthermore, the Biden administration knew in advance that its extremist border policies would create an unprecedented surge in mass migration — and it proceeded anyway to destabilize the very fabric of our constitutional republic. 

Accordingly, Congress must take bold and decisive action to 1) fully secure the Southern Border, 2) end all economic incentives that encourage mass migration, 3) and withdraw from entangling international agreements that make it difficult to deport individuals in the United States illegally. Contact your U.S. representative and senators, and urge them to do this without compromising.

Furthermore, state governments can — and must — take strong action to end the many economic incentives encouraging mass migration.