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Sunday, April 14, 2024 - 06:54 AM


First Published in 1994


MTG Today and Every Day Is 1776

A new cadre of America-first politicians is standing to restore the American republic by shrinking the size of the federal government, defying globalism, and canceling foreign military spending, among other approaches described by Rep. Marjorie Taylor-Greene (R-Ga.).

In this wide-ranging interview with The New American, Rep. Greene addresses various topics. The conversation starts with the Congresswoman condemning the Senate for passing a $95.3 billion “emergency spending package” for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan, which she views as another step in bankrupting a country that is already $34 trillion in debt. Instead of funding foreign wars, the Senate should be focusing on ensuring border security by passing the H.R. 2 bill, and Congress as a whole should be addressing the abuses of power by the monstrously overgrown federal government by reducing its size, keeping it accountable, and withdrawing from globalist organizations such as the United Nations and its specialized agencies such as the World Health Organization (WHO). Yet, the Congress has largely grown alienated from everyday Americans while being captured by special interests and lobbyists, hence its misguided priorities, complained the lawmakers, urging people to not “be lazy” and keep their representatives in check.

Rep. Greene highlighted how the MAGA movement embodied people’s strong desire for straightforward adherence to the U.S. Constitution and opposition to “America last” globalist policies. She emphasized the necessity for Americans to advocate for free and fair elections, advocating for paper ballots over electronic voting machines, ensuring fair redistricting, and excluding non-citizens from the U.S. Census. She also pointed out that certain electoral setbacks, like those in the 2018 midterms, were partly due to Republicans breaking their campaign pledges by passing a $1.3 trillion Omnibus bill in 2018, which lacked provisions for border security and halting abortion funding, among other concerns.

Currently, America is facing a constitutional and national security crisis because it is run by unelected White House staffers, as President Joe Biden is evidently ridden by dementia, said Rep. Greene, adding that the Cabinet should do its duty and invoke the 25th Amendment.

Discussing political polarization in America, Rep. Greene, a proponent of the idea of a “national divorce” between red and blue states, clarified that while she had neither introduced any legislation nor devised specific practical methods for its execution, she observed a rising divergence among states regarding their approaches to cultural issues. She highlighted the increasing frustration among “red states” with “woke” policies being “shoved down their throats.” She commended Texas Governor Greg Abbott for his firm stance against the federal government in safeguarding the state’s borders and praised the coalition of governors who supported Abbott in this endeavor as a successful instance of state nullification in response to unconstitutional federal overreach.

Rep. Greene expressed her frustration with the ineffectiveness of the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic in investigating disastrous pandemic policies and being stuck on the pandemic origin. Separately from the committee, Greene held two hearings on Covid vaccine injuries, arguing that Congressional failure to address this largely overlooked issue results in devastating injuries and deaths for a substantial number of Americans, including children and pregnant women, whom the CDC recommends getting inoculated. Quoting the testimonies of physicians and scientists, Greene spoke of the risks of cancer, blood clots, and cardiological issues; “this is literally murdering people,” she said.

Further, the Congresswoman drew a sharp comparison between her guest speakers, such as Drs. Robert Malone, Peter McCullough, and Ryan Cole, who provided information based on peer-reviewed studies, and Dr. Anthony Fauci, who recently testified to the Oversight Committee behind closed doors, where he gave his personal opinions and made the impression of having no regard for Americans, whom he viewed as “lab mice” in his medical experiments. In addition to that, Greene defended Donald Trump’s role in Operation Warp Speed, arguing that the presidential decisions were based on the limited information provided by Drs. Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx, the White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator. It was not known back in 2020 that they were not to be trusted, said the lawmaker.

Finally, Rep. Greene spoke of the impeachment of DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, who was responsible for a border invasion of over 10 million illegal immigrants into the country. On the day of the interview, February 13, the House voted to impeach Mayorkas.

To learn more about Rep. Marjorie Taylor-Greene’s legislative work, please click here.

To follow her, please visit https://www.mtgforamerica.com/ and X (Twitter).

Her book, MTG, is available here.


In 2013, Veronika Kyrylenko earned a Ph.D. in Political Science from Odessa National University, delving into the intricate web of technological nuances within political mythology. Her thirst for freedom led her across continents to the United States, where she assumed roles as a research associate for a defense contractor firm in Arlington, VA, and a fresh voice in the realm of political commentary, contributing to platforms such as The Western Journal and American Thinker.

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