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Sunday, July 14, 2024 - 06:51 PM


First Published in 1994


Executive Committee Voted 82 Percent to 18 Percent to Censure U. S. Senator Lindsey Graham for Repeated Comments and Votes Against SCGOP Platform

During their regular monthly meeting on Thursday, September 19, eighty-two percent of the Fairfield County Republican Party Executive Committee voted to pass a seven page Resolution censoring U. S. Senator Lindsey Graham.

Copies of the Censure Resolution were sent to Senator Graham, SCGOP Chairman Matt Moore and each SouthCarolina county chairman. The Greenville County Republican Party Executive Committee is set to vote on a similar censure of Sen. Graham during their regular meeting on October 7, 2013. The Resolution was introduced in August.

The Resolution listed 29 actions that Fairfield County Republicans “strongly disapprove of and hold to be fundamentally inconsistent with the principles of the South Carolina Republican Party.”

1. Voted to confirm Obama’s appointment to Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection.

2. Supported arming Al Qaeda/Muslim Brotherhood Revolutionaries in Syria.

3. Supported amnesty but not border control.

4. Supported NSA spying on private American citizens.

5. Supported abridging the First Amendment for those who criticize the government.

6. Supported massive new internet sales tax.

7. Supported restrictions on the Second Amendment.

8. Supported Obama’s drone program against American Citizens.

9. Supported subordinating American sovereignty to the United Nations.

10. Supported giving foreign aid to terrorist governments in the Middle East.

11. Supported granting members of the Muslim Brotherhood high level positions in the U. S. Government.

12. Supported giving taxpayer money to international organizations.

13. Supported giving taxpayer money for excessive foreign aid, not just terrorist organizations in the Middle East.

14. Opposed principled application of free trade policies.

15. Supported restricting the First Amendment rights to criticize Islamic radicalism.

16. Opposed making Bush tax cuts permanent.

17. Supported Obama’s appointments to the Supreme Court (2010).

18. Sided with Democrats on government regulation to combat “climate change.”

19. Criticized the SCGOP for defending the Republican platform.

20. Supported Obama’s appointments to Supreme Court (2009).

21. Supported liberal proposal to nationalize banks.

22. Supported Obama’s energy taxes and Cap and Trade.

23. Supported bailouts for financial institutions (TARP).

24. Supported bailouts for independent mortgage institutions (Fanny Mae and  Freddy Mac).

25. Supported amnesty but not border control – and sided with Ted Kennedy over Jim DeMint.

26. Opposed President Bush’s conservative nominee from South Carolina to the Court of Appeals.

27. Praised Hillary Clinton’s prospects for higher office.

28. Failed to fight for President Bush’s conservative judicial nominees generally.

29. Opposed medical malpractice tort reform.

Each of the above items were accompanied with documented justification. The final paragraph in the Resolution reads as follows:

“This body takes this action and adopts this Resolution in full confidence in its own good faith, with no personal animosity or ill will to the supporters of Lindsey Graham or to Lindsey Graham himself, to whom this body extends its hand in friendship and warmly looks forward to his rejoining us as private citizen of the State of South Carolina.”