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Sunday, July 14, 2024 - 05:03 PM


First Published in 1994


Coulter Speaks at Furman


When Ann Coulter was invited by the Furman University’s Conservative Students for a Better Tomorrow to speak on campus on September 19, there was one question that they wanted her to answer. The question that they felt most compelling to address was whether or not the Constitution was dead or alive in America.

“It may be dead in the ACLU meetings. It may be dead in the Democratic caucus, and it may be on life support in the Supreme Court, but in the hearts of the American people the Constitution is very much alive,” said Coulter.

Coulter feels that the Constitution is doing just fine. The problem, she feels, is that some of those in power refuse to read the document. From abortion rights to the right to bear arms, Coulter gave examples of how the left has tried to misinterpret rights, but has often failed. She spoke about how liberals are in favor of choice only when it pertains to topics that can further their agenda.

“Choice is the preferred euphemism. Choice is apparently very important when it comes to killing babies, but not so important when it comes to whether to own a firearm, who you may employ, or what school your child may go to. So liberals favorite part of the Constitution is something that isn’t in it,” said Coulter.

After the topic of choice Coulter jumped to the topic that she feels is conservative’s favorite topic, Civil Rights. Although freedom of civil rights was granted to the oppressed of America’s past she doesn’t feel that it pertains to those that are not citizens. She expressed her feelings about how life is not fair in many factions and how Amnesty in the interest of fairness is preposterous. Coulter feels that we should go after the best immigrates possible in legal ways and Amnesty would be detrimental to low wage Americans.

What hammered Coulters point home about whether or not the Constitution is dead or not was the topic of the right to bear arms. In recent times there has been many attacks on whether or not Americans have the right to arm themselves.

“The one clear statement in the entire Constitution, liberals completely ignore, pretend it doesn’t exist and then they act like they care about the constitution. Americans know in their bones that they have the right to bear arms,” said Coulter.

The failed attacks backed by “fictitious” liberal polls and public outcry on gun rights proves without a doubt that the Constitution is alive and in effect in the free nation.

“They were shot down time and time again and, as these folks know, the Constitution is not dead,” said Coulter.