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Sunday, May 19, 2024 - 10:18 PM


First Published in 1994


Republican Support for Governor Shrinks in Recent Poll

A poll taken by Public Policy Polling, a Democrat public opinion firm, conducted between September 3 and 6 found a large shift of Democrat support to Governor Nikki Haley after she led the stampede to remove the Confederate battle flag from the Soldiers Monument at the State Capitol.

While Governor Haley and the NAACP took credit for the attack on South Carolina Heritage that culminated in removal of the flag from the monument, Democrat Party Chairman Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz took credit on national television for the coordinated coast to coast uprising that pressured the Republican dominated state legislature to succumb to the demands of the Governor and all the leftist organizations that have destruction of all things “Southern” as their long-term goal.

The poll indicated that Governor Haley’s support by Democrats rose from 17 percent to 39 percent since February. A large part of the shift was due to “African-Americans.” According to the poll, individuals describing themselves as “African-Americans” doubled their support for Haley, going from 24 percent to 44 percent after her decision to enthusiastically comply with NAACP demands to describe the flag as a symbol of hate and remove it from the Soldiers Monument.

The pollsters reported only a 9 percent drop in support by Republicans for Gov. Haley, from 76 to 67 percent.

Haley won her first term as Governor by running as a Conservative and with massive TEA Party support headlined by a personal endorsement by Gov. Sarah Palin.

South Carolina’s open primary law facilitated Haley’s second term victory. Her current goal, having burned her Conservative bridges and become the “Darling of the Left,” is obviously aimed at national office and hopes of a victory by Governor Bush. Should Trump or Sen. Cruz become president, the best Haley could hope for would be Ambassador to India. In reality, that may be her first choice.

In the aftermath of the flag vote, there will be many challenges against both Republicans and RINOs in the Legislature. The Chamber of Commerce will be supporting candidates to challenge Conservatives such as Sen. Lee Bright, who opposed both the flag removal and the road tax proposals.  Conservatives and Southern Heritage groups will be challenging RINOs such as Sen. Larry Martin.

Governor Haley can’t seek another term and will watch from the sidelines while campaigning for a presidential candidate.