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Sunday, May 19, 2024 - 10:11 PM


First Published in 1994



Dr. Ben Carson received thunderous applause at the “Take Back America Forum” because of his strong stand against taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood and their harvesting and sale of aborted body parts.

The Heritage Action Presidential Candidate Forum at the Bon Secours Wellness Center in Greenville, SC, September 18, 2015, was hosted by former United States Senator and current Heritage Foundation President Jim DeMint; Heritage Action for America Chief Executive Officer Michael A. Needham and South Carolina Governor Nikki Randhawa Haley.

The ten candidates participating in the forum, with approximately 25 minutes each in the spotlight, were  Dr. Ben Carson, Gov. Jeb Bush, Sen. Ted Cruz, Sen. Marco Rubio, Carly Fiorina, Gov. Scott Walker, who has since dropped out of the race; Gov. Chris Christie, Dr. Rand Paul, Sen. Rick Santorum and Gov. Bobby Jindal. More than 10,000 people attended the forum that lasted more than 5 hours.

As the crowd gathered for the event, they were greeted by dozens of individuals from around the state and nation carrying signs and flags protesting Gov. Haley’s controversial Confederate flag decision.



Carson noted that his entire professional life has been devoted to trying to save children and provide them a quality of life.

“When I look at the things Planned Parenthood has done, and I look at their fonder Margaret Sanger, who was a eugenicist who didn’t like people who look like me.”

Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, was a friend of Adolph Hitler who wanted to create a super race. Sanger started Planned Parenthood to reduce the Black population. A century later, Planned Parenthood operates most of its abortion mills in or near Black neighborhoods. It is ironic that the elected representatives of Black Americans support taxpayer funding of the killing of innocent Black babies.

“The majority of Americans disagree with the tearing up of babies and the destroying of human life that this organization is engaged in.”

To loud cheers, Carson said he believes Congress should call Obama’s bluff on cutting funds for Planned Parenthood. “Congress has tools. They can defund everything. They can defund his breakfast.”

On Sunday, Dr. Carson stepped into a liberal media trap regarding whether Muslims should become president of the United States. Carson expressed an honest personal opinion that some of his critics have condemned him for. He stated that Sharia Law, part of Islam is incompatible with the Constitution of the United States. The Constitution, however allows no religious test for presidential candidates.

Senator Cruz may have been the most popular man in the house. Asked if he could be an effective president considering his inability to get along with Republican Party leaders, Cruz had a ready answer.

“We’ve had way too many Republicans who say their number one virtue is ‘I get along great with Democrats.’ Right now, Republican leadership in Washington seems to be competing to see who can surrender faster to Barack Obama.

“Just once, Republicans should nominate a candidate as committed to conservative principles as Barack Obama is to liberal principles.”

Cruz referred to fellow candidates as fine men and women.” Then he explained the difference between him and them.

“The difference is that I’m going to do what I told you I would do.”

“The day I am elected the world will know, America is back.”

Carly Fiorina was riding high on the good press she got from the debate and continued to bash Planned Parenthood for marketing baby body parts.

“If we will not fight for this, faced with proof positive of the butchery that is going on at Planned Parenthood, faced with the assault on the character of our nation, and that is what I believe this is, it is not exactly about whether you are pro-choice or pro-life, we cannot be a nation that funds this kind of barbarity – and that is what it is.”

Her biggest ovation came when she challenged Congressional Republicans to fight to defund Planned Parenthood despite Obama’s threats of a veto and government shutdown.

Asked how she would get Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to get over his fear if a government shutdown, she said: “Well, I think leaders should produce results. And I think there are some very clear things leadership in the House and in the Senate ought to be doing right now.”

“I think they ought to pass a border security bill and they ought to fight over the funding of Planned Parenthood.”

Governor Scott Walker said he doesn’t buy into the nonsense about senate rules. “The Democrats passed Obamacare with 51 votes. It’s time we sent the President a bill that defunds Planned Parenthood with 51 votes in the United States Senate.”

On Monday evening as was being written, it was announced that Gov. Walker was withdrawing from the Presidential race.

Senator Rand Paul is concerned about heavily armed government agencies. He said 40 government agencies now have SWAT Teams, including the Department of Agriculture, which arrested a farmer for selling milk directly from a cow.”

Democrats are doing so well, Paul said it was because they are promising “free stuff” that someone else is going to pay for.

Rick Santorum accused his party of forgetting working men and women. He called for a 20 percent flat tax and an end to corporate welfare.

Santorum said there are justifiable reasons for voter anger, especially with wages flat lining over the last 20 years.

“We have brought in waves of immigrants. We have brought in 35 million in the past 20 years more than any other 20 year period in the history of our country.”

He said that has suppressed wages and cost jobs. He said Democrats don’t care what happens to working men and women. They just want immigrant votes.”

Sen. Marco Rubio blasted Obama for gutting the military, for running up the national debt, and dividing the country over the immigration debate.

Rubio called for a secure border, mandatory verification and an end to visa overstays.

Chris Christie accused people who go to Washington o getting amnesia. They forget about all the stuff they said to us back here.

“I’m not someone who opposes compromise but I oppose capitulation.”

Jeb Bush attempted to defend his stand in favor of Common Core Education Standards.

Bush has a safe answer to most questions. Just refer the matter back to the states.

Gov. Bobby Jindal has been bashing Trump recently. Since Trump was not in Greenville for this event, Jindal was short- changed.