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Sunday, May 19, 2024 - 10:45 PM


First Published in 1994


George Soros Funded Study Declared “Right Wing” Extremism more Dangerous to Americans than Islamic Terrorists

“The Obama Justice Department  has stooped to a new low by teaming up with an organization of dubious credibility – the Southern Poverty Law Center – to combat domestic terrorism,” said Tony Perkins, President of the Family Research Center.

The FRC has felt the sting of the terror caused by the activities of the SPLC.

On August 15, 2012, Floyd Corkins burst into the FRC office in Washington, D.C. armed with a pistol and a bag full of Chick-fil-A sandwiches. His mission that day was to kill as many FRC employees as possible and then “smother the faces” of each corpse with a Chick-fil-A sandwich. Corkins, was an alleged homosexual with a history of mental health issues. His motivation was that he had allegedly read on the Southern Poverty Law Center website that Chic-fil-A and Family Research Center were “anti-gay” hate groups.

Corkins was stopped that day as he entered the FRC office complex by a brave security officer named Leo Johnson, who took a bullet in his arm while charging the shooter and disarming him. Corkins is now serving time in a federal prison. He admitted to the court that he learned of the Family Research Council by reading the SPLC’s annual “hate map,” which is widely circulated among mainstream liberal media outlets ad reported by them as fact. The publication is also distributed to many law enforcement agencies .

WND reported last week that Assistant Attorney General John Carlin announced the creation of a new division of the Department of Justice that will focus on investigating “extremists” of the home-grown variety.

Carlin cited a study by a George Soros funded foundation saying “right wing” extremism was more of a danger to America than Islamic terrorists and he applauded the Southern Poverty Law Center’s role in helping the government track these “extremist” groups.

“Don’t look for justice to roll down like a river at the DOJ here in Washington,” Perkins wrote in an email alert last Thursday.

“Fueled by a radical agenda that heeds neither the law nor common sense, the Obama DOJ will stop at nothing to marginalize and silence the Americans it disagrees with – a goal it shares with the disgraced Southern Poverty Law Center.”

The SPLC labels conservatives racists and extremists. They labeled Dr. Ben Carson an “extremist” and Ann Coulter a “white nationalist.”

Perkins said the love-in between the DOJ and the SPLC is so outrageous that it would be comical if not so serious.

Perkins said, “SPLC’s own extremism is so dangerous that the FBI, Defense Department, and the U. S. Army have all backed away from using the group as a reliable source, because they recognize that this ‘reckless labeling was a few rounds away from ending the lives of dozens of Christians.”

WND reported that the SPLC has been paid more than $150 million in the past 20 years for advising law enforcement on conservative and libertarian “extremism.”