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Sunday, July 14, 2024 - 05:50 PM


First Published in 1994


County Administrator Joe Kernell working deal with city and unnamed developer

During the first Council meeting of 2016, Greenville County Council Chairman Dr. Bob Taylor announced that one of the priority projects for the county during 2016 would be to proceed with plans to construct a new county office building.

Rumors of a deal with a local developer that wants to get control of the choice property occupied by Greenville County offices have been circulating for a couple of years. This, however, is the first official announcement of the project. Unexplained entries in the budget, such as a $2 million entry for a much cheaper crane has been question by citizen watch dog Ed Paxton.

The plan to turn county EMS operations over to the Greenville Healthcare System was said to generate funds to help pay for the new county office building.

That plan has been put on hold for the time being, but is likely to surface again as plans for the new office building demand funding. There has been no mention of a tax increase or bond sales to underwrite the elaborate project.

The Healthcare System is proceeding with their plans to make the system independent from oversight by the county or state government. The State Supreme Court recently refused to hear the challenge of lawmakers asking for a ruling on the legality of the reorganization.

County Councilman Lynn Ballard spoke at the January meeting of the Greenville Tea Party. He repeated Taylor’s announcement and appeared to favor the costly construction project.

A Councilman in his first term on council said he has had numerous people ask for directions outside the county office building. He believes a new high-rise will make it easier for people to find offices.

The county administration could improve the office directories rather than build a new building.

On the positive side, County Square is the only government building in Greenville with adequate and convenient parking.

The eight to ten story facility will require adjoining decked parking garage.