Republican Glen Robinson Challenging Liberal Democrat Senator Karl Allen in S.C. Senate District 7

As more African-Americans become financially and socially independent, they are feeling free to make their own political decisions, Patricia L. Dickson predicted in the American Thinker that “regardless of the outcome of the 2016 Presidential Election, Donald Trump’s rise will force the Democratic Party to eventually have to address how it’s elected officials have neglected black Americans, it’s most loyal constituency.”

She wrote that the Democrat Party’s “worst nightmare” was when Trump reached out to blacks and asked: “What the ---- do you have to lose?”

There is evidence of the shift in Greenville, South Carolina where Conservative Christian Republican Glen Robinson is challenging incumbent Liberal State Senator Karl Allen in Senate District 7.

Trump had nothing to do with Robison deciding to run, but his campaign has raised issues that will definitely help Robinson get the attention of constituents.

Some black parents are beginning to notice that liberals like the Clintons and Obamas send their children to private schools that prepare them to compete in the best universities while forcing the children of their constituents to attend poor schools year after year while promising better, but never delivering, what they promise.

Some black families are “taking a chance on Trump” and other Republicans. Whether it will make a difference in the election won’t be known until November 8. In the meantime, Democrats are becoming very nervous.

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