The Clinton political machine could take the White House despite all the criminal investigations surrounding the candidate. For three decades Bill and Hillary Clinton have been all about avoiding paying for their crimes, proven and unproven.
Recently the tides began to turn and the winds to shift. It was announced by the White House that the cost of Obama-Care would increase as much as 100 percent next year. Some people had already been hit hard by Obama-Care including Small Businesses.

One national company in South Carolina has already increased premiums on their Long Term Care Policies by 40 percent. The policies stated and purchasers were promised that premiums would never increase and benefits would never be cut. Prior to the first rate increase, a letter informed policy holders that they were required to re-write all policies, not increase rates on the old policies. As a policy holder who had been paying premiums for several years, you had options. You could pay the increased premium and have the same benefits, you could drop the policy and forfeit all the premiums you had paid, or you could keep your premiums low and reduce your benefits .

As soon as the word got out about the increase in benefits, the poll gap between Hillary and Donald Trump began to close.

Then, at the end of last week, the unexpected happened. The FBI Director announced that the investigation into Clinton’s emails had been reopened. It was speculated that something very important must have been discovered to bring about a decision that could reverse the outcome of the Presidential election and already had the Democrats in extreme panic mode.

Using the most reliable information available at this time, it appears that the bombshell came from the investigation of something between former congressman  Anthony Weiner about an underage girl outside the beltway.

Weiner is a sleazebag, but he is not stupid. He has been around the Clinton’s long enough to look out for his own personal interests. The Clinton organization runs a tight ship. Their employees are very loyal and the Clinton’s look out for them. Should anyone get out of line, they allegedly pay the price of “getting thrown under the bus” or worse. This goes all the way back to Arkansas according to books that have been written about the Clintons when he was Governor.

People maintain power at the top only when someone beneath them is taking the punishment until they are offered leniency for turning in their boss.

Mr. Weiner has routinely lived on the edge. He was prepared to protect himself by having thousands of classified emails stored in his laptop that could be damaging to his wife, Huma Abedin and Hillary Clinton.

The FBI has been investigating Weiner for some time. They may have waited for weeks or months to make their move at the right time. Last Friday they opened the door. Weiner gives them his laptop and implicates his wife and Hillary to save himself. Huma may be persuaded to testify against Hillary to avoid prison.

Will Hillary go to Jail? Not a chance. Obama can pardon the whole bunch, but at least they will not be occupying the White House. On the other hand, if Hillary is elected, she can put Weiner behind bars forever and pardon herself and others.