Our 7PM hour will be a Legislative Panel with SC Speaker of the House Jay Lucas and members of our Greenville County delegation to Columbia. We will have time for our Executive Committeemen can ask our legislators questions about current legislation in Columbia. This is a great opportunity to gain knowledge directly from our Republican elected officials and help push conservative legislation.

Our 8PM hour will be our Business Meeting. We will be discussing our 2019 Precinct Reorganization plan. It is important for our Executive Committeeman and Precinct Presidents to attend. 2019 will be my first Precinct Reorganization as Chairman and my goal is to be the first Chairman in the last decade to have a larger turnout at Precinct Reorganization than the predecessor. We are already working hard to make that happen. It’s not too early to be thinking about who you can invite and reach out to.

A special thank you to Greenville City Councilman Rick Roberts for sponsoring our evening on February 4th.

Just yesterday I was looking at a picture from an GCGOP Executive Committee meeting five years ago. Less than 80 people were in attendance. A member commented on the post “No one here tonight, we must do something about this next time.” During these last two years, we’ve almost tripled our average attendance from those years. February is often a lower-turnout month, so please invite friends and neighbors to take advantage of this opportunity.

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