Ralph Northam should probably resign for lying in his press conference. I’m not sure what was more embarrassing, his excuse or almost beginning the moonwalk till his wife stopped him.

As for the picture itself, Ralph Northam and the rest of us are thirty-five years removed from it and we owe it to the man to judge him on the conduct of his life, not on a photograph. This is the perfect opportunity to contrast our values from the secular left.

Our side must insist on grace. We can state loudly that what Northam did was wrong, but also that we should not judge anyone by thirty-five year old photographs. The immediate rush from the left to throw the man out of office — a man they rallied to just two years ago — is a reminder that secular progressivism has no room for grace.

Again, this is not a defense of the photograph and we should all make that clear. It was wrong. It was bad. But it was a long time ago.

If we strip away forgiveness and grace in our society we will also be removing all incentives to grow and mature. We will be removing all incentives to apologize. In fact, I think one reason Northam has probably doubled down on his silliness in the press conference is because he knows there is no reason to apologize. An apology, no matter how heartfelt it is, will just continue the calls for him to end his career.

We are all sinners. We all fall short of the glory of God. We have all done things we regret and wish we had not done. We should be willing to show the contrast that we offer forgiveness and extend grace and understand no one should be judged on a three and a half decade old photo when the person’s present life does not reflect he is that person.

ON a separate note, it is also worth pointing out that the same thought and rational of thinking it is okay to dress up in black face or as a klansman is from the same strain of sinful thought that leads a man to embrace infanticide. The arguments for infanticide and abortion are just recycled arguments for slavery.

Northam should resign for supporting infanticide. The picture is a convenient distraction for the left that does not want to have to defend Northam’s position on abortion.

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Mike Scruggs