Jan Williams, Third Vice Chairman of the Greenville County Republican Party, announced Monday night plans for organizing for the party all 12 of the new precincts created recently in Greenville County by the State. Williams said a meeting is scheduled for August 28 from 12 Noon until 4:30 at the Greenville County Library downtown to elect a president, executive committeeman and other officers to represent the GOP in each of the newly created precincts.

Growth in the population of Greenville County has made it necessary to divide 12 bulging precincts, doubling the number to 24.

The county election office identifies precincts that have doubled their number of registered voters or otherwise expanded and reports them to the state. The County Legislative Delegation reviews and approves the list, including the polling places for the new precincts along with their names. The new precincts are approved by the General Assembly and passed to the Governor for approval. Finally, the new precincts must be approved by the US Justice Department, as part of the leftovers from court ordered racial integration imposed by the federal government decades ago and never lifted.

The original names of the 12 precincts being split, are: Frohawk, Gilder Creek, Greenbriar, Highland Creek, Hillcrest, Long Creek, Oneal, Riverside, Standing Springs, Travelers Rest, Tyger River and Ware Place.

Republicans who reside in one of the new precincts are encouraged to attend the organization meeting on August 28.



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