The proposed referendum for Sunday Alcohol Sales in unincorporated areas of Greenville County never made it to the County Council for approval on second reading. The measured was killed by a vote of 6 in favor to 5 in opposition in the Committee of the Whole. Seven votes were required to move it forward to the full council.

One Christian pastor had signed up to speak against the proposal during the regular meeting. He was informed that the measure had been killed in committee and therefore he would not be allowed to speak on the matter during the meeting.

The question of a referendum will not arise again during this election cycle because by the time action could be taken it would be too late for a referendum to be added to the ballot due to the requirements of State Election laws.

The Greenville County Council committee vote will have no effect on the proposed referendum in Greer that has not faced disapproval to date.

Both Greer and Mauldin will likely have a Sunday alcohol question on the ballot in November. If approved, they will join Greenville and Simpsonville in serving alcoholic beverages in bars and restaurants on Sunday.

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