Gilstrap, Other Women Candidates Victims of Alleged Illegal robo-call push-polls

Judy Gilstrap, District 26 Democratic candidate for the South Carolina House of Representatives, confirmed Monday night that she has been the victim of robo-call push-polls and was informed by SLED that a warrant for the arrest of Robert Cahaly was imminent.

No information was provided regarding who Cahaly, a professional political operative, was working for or with.

Gilstrap said she and the other candidates targeted by the calls were informed by SLED that a public statement would be made by 5 P.M. Monday, but that the announcement was delayed due to “negotiations” with Cahaly’s attorney.

Six Democratic women candidates for the Statehouse were allegedly targeted with the calls. In addition to Gilstrap, they were Vida Miller, House District 108; Anne Peterson Hutto, House District 115; Paige George, House District 78; Christine Jackson, House District 98; and Mia Butler, House District 79. The calls were allegedly designed to tie each of the candidates to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Gilstrap said she actually received one of the calls at her home.

Gilstrap, reached by telephone, provided The Times Examiner with the following statement Monday night:

“As a mother, grandmother, wife, businesswoman, and member of Greenville County Council, I have always tried to live a life of integrity and honor. During this campaign, I have had to deal with illegal robocalls and illegal defacing and removing of my campaign signs. I am delighted that SLED has investigated the calls and a pending arrest is imminent. The people of District 26 have a choice to make and I respectfully ask for their vote.”


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