Dr Ben Carper Files for District 25

Dr. Ben Carper announces his candidacy today for Greenville County Council District 25. He officially filed to run against the Democrat incumbent, Ennis Fant, in the Westside District.

With Greenville County experiencing a thriving business atmosphere, Carper believes that his presence on council would be conducive to opening up the Westside to join in on that business growth and would help to improve its status within the county.

Carper believes that due to a lack of leadership, District 25 has been ignored and left out of that fast-paced economic growth that Greenville County has enjoyed in recent years. He believes that he can bring leadership and greater attention to the district.

Carper, a life-long resident of the district, wants to unify the Westside with a positive message of growth and prosperity for all district citizens. He will also defend the taxpayer and protect individual liberty and the pride that comes with owning property.

Carper's motto is “I love Greenville County and its Westside.”

You can reach Dr. Ben Carper at 864.269.3759 or via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. His website will officially launch next week at www.drbencarper.com.

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