Former Congressional Candidate Remaining Active, Engaged

Dennys---Jim-LeeJim Lee barely missed the runoff in the Republican Congressional Primary Election last spring that pitted Trey Gowdy against incumbent Bob Inglis. The rest is history. Gowdy defeated Inglis and went on to defeat a Democrat opponent in the General Election and is now the Congressman-elect for the Fourth Congressional District.

The three primary challengers who did not win were Jim Lee, Dr. Christina Jeffrey, and Senator David Thomas. All three returned to their regular jobs after the campaign ended, but Jim Lee has remained engaged in the public arena. Was Jim Lee thinking about seeking another political office?  He answered that question at the November RINO Hunt Meeting in Greenville. Yes, he is making plans to seek the District 8 South Carolina Senate seat in 2012. The seat is currently occupied by Sen. David Thomas, one of his opponents in the 2010 Republican Primary. Thomas, an attorney and Southern Baptist Seminary graduate, has served District 8 in the South Carolina Senate since 1985.

Thomas had run for Lt. Governor and Congress since he has been serving in the Senate, but has given no indication that he is not seeking another four-year term in 2012.

Lee, a regular attendee at RINO Hunt meetings brought Sen. Phil Shoopman to the meeting as his guest. Shoopman made a brief statement regarding the financial challenges ahead in the new legislative year for the lawmakers and answered questions posed by other attendees.

Harry Kibler, founder of RINO hunt, runs a structured informative and fast paced meeting. Individuals interested in lower taxes, smaller, more transparent government and fewer restrictions on individual freedom would benefit from attending a RINO Hunt meeting. They meet each third Friday night at 6 p.m. at Denny’s on Wade Hampton Boulevard between Greenville and Taylors.


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Mike Scruggs