We are hearing from so many throughout the country that they want to take action to prevent the election from being stolen, and to ensure that conservatives retain control of the Senate.

You can take action right now to defend our nation by contributing to Eagle Forum PAC

Eagle Forum PAC has already contributed to John James’ recount effort in Michigan; and we are working closely with our coalition partners to direct money where we know it will have the greatest impact. 

President Trump has shown us how hard he is willing to work to ensure conservative leadership  He is willing to fight to protect the integrity of our nation‘s elections. 

Now is the time for us to help him!

We also have a tremendous opportunity to secure two seats in the U.S. Senate for solid pro-life, pro-growth conservatives, Georgia Senators David Perdue, and Kelly Loeffler. The January 5 runoff election in Georgia is predicted to be the most expensive race in U.S. History. Please help us secure victory in this vital race.

Help Save America

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