Presidential candidate Michele Bachmann told a town hall meeting Aug. 16 that “we are committing the next generation to a life of involuntary servitude financially to the state.

“We cannot afford the government we have,” Bachmann said, adding “you cannot spend more money than you take in. It is a simple fact of life.” She said that “the Tea Party movement is something the left definitely fears, and it should.”

Bachmann, who represents Minnesota’s sixth district, was introduced by Betty Poe, chairman of the Greenville County Republican Party, at the event at the TD Convention Center, formerly the Carolina First Center.

Bachmann, a social, economic and peace-through-strength conservative, said that when she entered Congress in January 2007, the nation owed $8.67 trillion, but that now it owes $16.7 trillion. It took the country 219 years to accumulate $8.67 trillion in debt, but only four years to almost double it.

During the debt ceiling debate, Rep. Bachmann introduced a bill that would have the United States not default on its debt, and that the first ones paid would be the U.S. military and senior citizens on Social Security. These are the two groups the president intimated would not be paid if the debt ceiling was not raised, Bachmann said.

During the debate, members of the president’s administration were calling up big bankers assuring them there would be no default. “So it is OK to call up big bankers and say, ‘You’ll be fine,’ and then at the same time it is OK to scare our military on active duty, and scare senior citizens?” Bachmann asked. “This is more than irresponsible. This is disrespecting the American people. I would not do that to our military.”

President Obama asked for $2.4 trillion in additional debt, while offering $21 billion in cuts.

Bachmann referred to Mark Steyn’s book, After America, in which Steyn said America has gone from the biggest creditor nation in the world to the biggest debtor nation the world.

She pledged to not rest as president until Obamacare is repealed, and not to apologize for America. “The United States of America is the greatest force for good in 5,000 years of recorded human history.”

Bachmann said that “life begins at conception and needs to be protected until natural death.” The Bachmanns homeschooled their children and sent them to Christian schools. She believes that marriage is between one man and one woman.

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