The new “Omicron COVID variant” is giving the Deep State another excuse to impose tyrannical COVID mandates and restrictions. This includes a potential vaccine mandate for public transportation, including air travel! For example, Dr. Anthony Fauci has called for doing “anything and everything” to fight the variant, and the Biden administration has already imposed international flight restrictions on unvaccinated American citizens.

It’s only a matter of time before a vaccination requirement is imposed for domestic air, train, and bus travel. Anthony Fauci and United Airlines’ CEO, among others, have already voiced support for such a mandate. They, and proposed congressional legislation, will encourage Biden to implement such mandates via executive decree. Tell your U.S. representative and senators, along with the TSA and CDC directors, to end this tyranny now!

Furthermore, 36 Congressional Democrats have already formally urged Biden to impose vaccine and testing requirements for domestic flights. If the Left gets its way, it will impose a biomedical security state on American citizens.

Although the federal mask mandates have no constitutional or legal basis, some congressmen are taking action. For example, six senators and 16 representatives have introduced the Travel Mask Mandate Repeal Act of 2021, or H.R. 4441 and S. 2337. Additionally, four senators and representatives each have introduced the SMART Act, or H.R. 4041 and S. 2084, which would also void the CDC’s mask orders.

Tell your U.S. representative and senators to support these four bills (H.R. 4441, S. 2337, H.R. 4041, and S. 2084) in order to end the federal government’s lawless mask mandates, and tell them to oppose all legislation imposing vaccine mandates. Furthermore, put pressure on the CDC, TSA, and other bureaucratic agencies.

This is a perilous time for our country, and it is imperative that patriots take bold, smart, and effective action to prevent a total Marxist/collectivist takeover.

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