Bidens Anti Police Action

While Joe Biden was campaigning for the presidency, Black Lives Matter riots and protests were breaking out across the nation. Liberals were advocating to defund the police as cities were burning. Biden seemed to champion the left’s takedown of law and order by promising to create a national police oversight commission within his first one hundred days as president. After assuming that role, those days came and went without action. Now, Biden has positioned himself on the other side of the fence painting himself as pro-police.

Last week, Biden visited New York City to push for more police funding. He ironically stated:

We can’t expect you to do every single solitary thing that needs to be done to keep a community safe. It’s time to fund community policing to protect and serve the community.

We’re not about defunding we’re about funding.

These comments are raising eyebrows because the president is blatantly ignoring the Black Lives Matter agenda and echoing what conservatives have been saying all along. However, Biden is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. While he’s spouting off pleasantries to police departments, he is quietly working on an executive order that will destroy law enforcement as we know it.

A draft executive order (EO) leaked from the Departments of Justice and Health and Human Services outlined the Biden administration’s true intentions of politicizing our justice system. First, the EO greatly expands the duties of the Attorney General by allowing him to gather information regarding police misconduct that he “deems appropriate.” All of this information will be collected into a federal database solely managed by the Attorney General himself.  Then, the DOJ will publish an annual summary of findings to be used for political means. When the Attorney General can punish police officers for anything he wants, this will skew the data which influences the decisions of lawmakers and the public’s opinion of our police. This will severely weaken our police force. 

This EO further restricts the abilities of police departments. The DOJ will prohibit a slew of weapons including firearms and ammunition of .50 caliber or greater, stun and flash bang grenades, and some types of armored vehicles. Many of these weapons are available to purchase by the public, but the police are unable to arm themselves against bad actors who intend harm with these weapons.

Near the end of the executive order, the Biden administration takes a stab at women’s privacy rights. It explicitly allows the Bureau of Prisons to place individuals in prisons according to their gender identity. This means that if a man simply identifies as a woman, he can be placed in a women’s prison and have access to all private areas including bathrooms.

The Biden administration pretends to be friendly to our police force but clearly intends to keep them from doing their job of protecting their communities. Our nation has experienced 73 intentional police killings in Biden’s first year alone. This will only get worse with the federal government stripping localities of their duties.

Eagle Forum was fortunate to obtain this draft executive order in order to bring awareness to the authoritarian agenda that the Biden administration continues to push. We will keep you informed of its release.

Biden visited New York City last week to make a plea for more funding for our police departments. This might sound more in line with what conservatives have been saying all along. However, a leaked executive order says differently.

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