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Monday, April 15, 2024 - 02:00 AM


First Published in 1994


BOSTON -- GiveSendGo's co-founders Jacob Wells and Heather Wilson are urging the public not to believe everything they read after two pieces of false information regarding the company have been circulating in the news this week.

In a recent article published on Tuesday, TechCrunch claims to have been "tipped off" about a data lapse containing thousands of photos of giver's passports and drivers' licenses dating back to February 4, just two days after the "Freedom Convoy 2022" campaign was first created on GiveSendGo.

"Everything you read isn't true," said GiveSendGo Co-founder Heather Wilson. "There was no data breach exposing giver's photos, passports, or driver's licenses. GiveSendGo doesn't require anyone to upload pictures containing a person's identification when donating."

According to a recent article published by the Ottawa Citizen, as of Thursday afternoon, the Ontario government moved to "choke off" all funding to Canadian convoy protesters, "successfully seeking a court order preventing anyone from using the millions of dollars raised for the convoy through the fundraising platform GiveSendGo."

Ivana Yelich, the spokesperson for Premier Doug Ford, said the order, "prohibits any person from disposing of, or otherwise dealing with, in any manner whatsoever, any and all monetary donations made through the Freedom Convoy 2022 and Adopt-a-Trucker campaign pages on the GiveSendGo online fundraising platform."

"We're not governed by Canadian court orders," said Jacob Wells, co-founder of GiveSendGo. "They have no jurisdiction over us. We will continue to allow the fundraising for the trucker convoy on GiveSendGo and we will be releasing all funds to the campaign's recipients."

GiveSendGo's "Adopt a Trucker" campaign has now raised over $713,000 CAD. The "Freedom Convoy 2022" GiveSendGo campaign has raised over $8.7 million.

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