Public Advocate Poses Questions for Biden Nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson

WASHINGTON -- Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate of the United States, Inc. says:

"Before any Republican or fair-minded Democrat considers endorsing Ketanji Brown, we want some basic Constitutional answers.

"The U.S. Senate has asked previous nominees a long list of questions and we have traditionally made some suggestions for lines of questions for the nominee to consider answering.

"Public Advocate hopes no Republican or fair-minded Democrat Senator endorse Judge Ketanji Brown until these questions and other Constitutional questions get answered at a public hearing."

Sample Questions Senators Should Ask Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson: (partial list)

Public Advocate fundamentally rejects the idea that the government can force health care upon anyone -- especially if it overrides religious objections.

Does Kentanji Brown Jackson agree with the Biden Administration that religious liberty is suspended during the next forever period of time as long as somebody has the flu or becomes car sick?

Legal philosophy?

Have you ever read Sir William Blackstone's Commentaries on the Laws of England? If so, what was Blackstone's view of the foundation of the common law? If not, why not?

What is your understanding of the phrase "laws of nature and of nature's God" that appears in the first paragraph of the Declaration of Independence?

Strict constructionist?

Do you agree with your mentor, newly retired Judge Stephen Breyer who believes judges can legislate from the bench and simply make laws up to replace the legislative role of the U.S. Congress? Are you a firm believer in this clearly unconstitutional practice of leftist judges like him?

If you plan on legislating from the bench, could you tell the Senate which laws you will leave intact without unilaterally overturning them?

How do you view your achievements?

Do you believe that, because you are a black woman, you would bring something to your work as a Supreme Court Justice that a man of any color would not? If not, would you then disagree with the Biden Administration's characterization of your appointment as one which brings much needed diversity to the Court?

PUBLIC ADVOCATE of the United States has more questions here on our website and will prepare a longer list of questions soon.


SOURCE Public Advocate

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