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Friday, June 14, 2024 - 07:40 PM


First Published in 1994


Eagle Forum Joins Effort to Reform Loose Immigration Laws

Biden Bungles Border

As inflation, supply chain delays, and baby formula shortages currently dominate the news cycle, there is still another issue that has marred the Biden administration from the beginning. Last year, the White House spitefully reversed a multitude of Trump-era border security measures causing immigrants to flood into the United States. Even liberal media took notice. Yet, the Biden administration and its leftist cronies continue to look the other way.

Now, a decision on Title 42 is imminent. Title 42 was used by both the Trump and Biden administrations to turn away immigrants at the border during the COVID-19 pandemic. The White House announced its plan to end the restriction on May 23rd, but twenty-four states sued over concerns that the high number of immigrants who could possibly come with health problems will inflict financial burdens on the states. A federal judge is expected to rule on this matter any day.

The inevitable lifting of Title 42 is just one problem among many, and we need Congress to act. Eagle Forum joined a coalition letter to all congressional leaders.

The letter highlights the severity of the border crisis:

As of the writing of this letter, over 2.8 million illegal aliens have been apprehended at our southwest border entering or attempting to enter the United States since Biden took office. The administration has admitted that at least 42 of these aliens were on the terror watchlist. Over 1.6 million illegal aliens, including known gotaways, are now in the interior of the United States — more than the population of states such as Hawaii, Maine, Montana, and New Hampshire.

In 2022 alone, ICE apprehended 321 gang members and 146 sex offenders. Just five months into this year, these instances are set to top last year’s numbers with apprehensions of 348 gang members and 488 sex offenders.

Eagle Forum and the signers of the letter calling on Congress to unite behind flagship legislation and detail each of the policies.  Measures like excluding amnesty, reforming the asylum system, enforcing the ‘Remain in Mexico’ program, and increasing resources to complete the border wall and bolster Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) services are just a few of the requests.

The last point is a call to reverse Arizona v. United States which was a Supreme Court ruling in 2012 that usurped the state of Arizona’s attempt to enact its own immigration laws. Overruling this decision would return power back to the states to protect their communities and resources. To see the entire list, check out the letter here.

While this is not a comprehensive list of needed policies, it is a good start. In the past, Congress has squandered opportunities to make significant changes to our immigration laws, but now is the time to take this charge seriously. Eagle Forum has consistently put pressure on our elected officials to act on the crisis at the border and will hold them accountable for their votes. We will keep you updated on any moving legislation that would address these issues.