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Sunday, June 16, 2024 - 12:25 AM


First Published in 1994


ORLANDO, Fla. -- Christ for All Nations (CfaN) has just completed an unprecedented week of coordinated events across Zambia. Over a two-week period, the trailblazing evangelistic ministry led by Daniel Kolenda will conduct large-scale evangelistic events in 11 different cities and districts throughout Zambia. This campaign marks a new milestone in the history of missionary evangelism.

Events in each of the 11 cities are hosted by a pair of evangelists, trained by Evangelist Daniel Kolenda and Evangelist Levi Lutz in the CfaN Evangelism Bootcamp. These co-evangelists carry out most of the ministry, while Kolenda travels to a new city daily to preach for one night in each event. This strategy allows maximum leverage of all CfaN's resources, infrastructure, and credibility, making it possible to conduct 11 crusades for nearly the same amount of money and time it previously took the ministry to conduct a single event. This strategy also provides invaluable experience to many other evangelists who are becoming experts in organizing, conducting, and ministering in mass gospel crusades themselves.

During the first five nights of the two-week event, thousands have already surrendered their lives to Jesus Christ, and many received miraculous healings. CfaN co-evangelists like Gary Smith, Jared Horton, Joe Turnbull, Alejandro Escobar, Levi Lutz, and David Rotarmel reported astonishing miracles each night. For example, A lady suffering from spinal cord pain for four years was healed, a man who had a stroke and was not able to walk well was healed, a lady who could not walk without crutches for years in her legs was healed, a boy who could not bend his leg from birth was completely healed, and many more supernatural healings were reported.

These events were attended by a considerable percentage of young people, with many turning away from witchcraft to serve the living God. In each city, CfaN co-evangelists Randy Roberts, Rob Enge, Evelina Smane and Jacob Ebersole, and others, burned fetishes, charms, amulets, and idols—which Kolenda believes is significant because it sent a message to all those living under the fear of these evil spirits that Jesus is Lord and has power over all demonic strongholds. New converts also surrendered drugs, alcohol, gang paraphernalia, and other personal items symbolic of their old lives.

CfaN was founded by the renowned Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke and has documented more than 87 million conversions since 1987. Many of those who are Bishops and pastors of leading churches today were young people in Bonnke's first crusade in Zambia in 1981. One Bishop who was the Chairman of the crusade in '81 reported that many people joined the Zambian Church, and many new churches were planted at that time. He said that the fruit from that crusade—40 years ago, is still evident in Zambia today. Then he said, "We love CfaN crusades because they bear fruit that remains."

Another leader, Bishop Joshua Banda, is the Presiding Bishop over the Pentecostal Assemblies of God in Zambia. When Bonnke came to Zambia in 1981, Bishop Banda was just a young man serving as a counselor in the crusade. He said that as part of the first generation of Pentecostals and Evangelicals in Zambia, he is grateful for the ministry of CfaN. He noted that Reinhard Bonnke's influence helped to solidify the identity of his generation of Christians. The churches were flooded as a result of Bonnke's preaching, and the impact is still being felt today. Even the overwhelming success of the current campaigns being led by Bonnke's successor, Daniel Kolenda, is a testament to Bonnke's legacy.

The event continues for another week in six more cities across Zambia. Christ for all Nations has set a new standard for missionary evangelism, and it is hoped that this event will serve as an inspiration for others to continue spreading the message of Christ's love and salvation throughout the world.

To learn more about CfaN and the ministry of Daniel Kolenda, visit www.cfan.org.


SOURCE: Christ for All Nations