MacGregor's summary of open sources indicates the number of Ukrainian dead is 122,000 and another 35,000 (Ukrainian source) soldiers are missing. That would total 157,000 probable military dead and another 300,000 wounded.  Most of Ukraine's original tanks and artillery have also been destroyed. 

Russian losses by independent sources are 16,000 to 20,000 dead. This is the same as my combined estimate of Russian, Donbas militias, Chechens, PMC, and Cossack forces. 

The 8:1 kill ratio favoring Russians over Ukrainians is mainly due to superior numbers of artillery and artillery shells and rockets, and Russian superior ability to maintain, fix, and repair equipment.  The Russian Aerospace forces have almost complete air superiority and Ukrainian anti-aircraft and anti-missile batteries having been considerably reduced. 

The Russians are using largely artillery-driven attrition tactics, drawing advancing Ukrainian forces trying to gain or defend territory into an artillery "cauldron.'" 

According to MacGregor, and I have thought this for a long time, Ukraine had become a completely controlled U.S. satellite in both government and military maintenance and decision making, a 51st state according to MacGregor.  

Yet the US government and lockstep media are still holding on to the "Ukrainian victory" narrative. This propaganda narrative, however, is just beginning to fall apart.  

There is a general worry that the Biden Administration could decide for a dangerous escalation of the war to safe political face. There is some indication his military chiefs are signaling caution. 

As I have said, Biden helped create the war starting with the Maidan coup and Ukrainian suppression of Russian ethnic minorities back in 2014, and it may become Biden's worst disaster. 

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Future Defense Visions: Judge Napolitano - Judging Freedom 1/17/2023

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