More than 40 North Greenville University faculty and staff members were recently honored for their years of service.

The university currently recognizes staff members’ years of service at five-year increments. The award is based on two criteria: an employee’s eligibility status and their service date.

“NGU has been blessed to have so many long-time employees who invest in the lives of our students and colleagues,” said NGU President Dr. Gene C. Fant, Jr. “Each year it’s fun to be reminded about how many people are marking their quintennial anniversaries. This is a living and thriving community that brings people together around a common purpose: equipping transformational leaders for the glory of God.”

Those celebrating milestones include:

5 Years

Andrew Aulick

Alexandra Brandenburg

Dorinda Brown

Angela Bullard

Mary Katherine Capell

Jesse Chappell

Ben Coates

Rebecca Floyd

Cynthia Patterson

Kelcye Richards

Kaye Rickman

Mindi Smith


10 Years

Kayla Black

Marnie Daniel

David Entrekin

Dustin Fuls

Jenna Garrett

Adebobola Imeh-Nathaniel

Katie Lynn Marshall

Leisa Norris

Kerry Ravan

Keris Suttles

Cory Truax

Constance Wright

Paul Yandle


15 Years

Fred Battenfield

Michael Butler

Angel Covington

Melissa Cruver

Jeffrey French

Haley Gambrell

Janet Hoffman

George Hopson

Jason Ross

Feliccia Smith

Michael Weaver


20 Years

Jon Boulet

Shur Gopal

Mike Landrum

Chad Lister

Allen McWhite

Becky Thompson

30 Years

Walter Johnson

Andy Ray

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