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As the lone survivor of a car accident that took the lives of two of his friends in the fall of 2000, Pierre Salmon spent many of the days that followed asking two simple questions.

“Why am I still here? Why didn’t you take me?” 

Salmon, a 2000 graduate of North Greenville University, shared his story in a recent documentary.

“There were a lot of mixed emotions. I was in a place where I didn’t want to go anywhere or do anything. I had what I later found out was survivor’s guilt,” Salmon said.

Salmon was riding with his friends, Shawn Boyd and Rachel Cooler, to sing at a revival in Clemson when their vehicle was struck by an 18-wheeler at the intersection of Highway 25 and Highway 414.

Boyd and Cooler did not survive.

The tragedy was an incredible blow to the North Greenville community, but in the days, months and years that followed, Salmon began to find the answers to his questions.  

“It was an opportunity to share the Gospel and be a witness to the grace of God that was extended to me,” he said.

“My faith is my foundation,” Salmon added. “The hymn writer says, ‘My hope is built on nothing less,’ and that’s true. That’s what brought me through—knowing what Christ had promised and that he was faithful. Even though my friends were gone, he was still faithful. Even in death, he’s still faithful.”

Salmon hopes that sharing his story will bring others to the faith that has helped him through a difficult time.

“Christ really does make the difference in everything,” Salmon said. “We say it, but do we really believe it? When you’re going through some terrible things, is God still the same?”

You can watch the full documentary here.

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