Bob Jones University will host its annual High School Festival and Preaching Conference Monday, Oct. 31, through Thursday, Nov. 3, on the BJU campus.

“This year’s festival marks the 50th year we have held this highly anticipated event,” said BJU President Steve Pettit. “Attendees will have the opportunity to showcase their talent, participate in festival choirs, meet new people and receive valuable insights from our faculty experts.”

Students in grades 9-12 from dozens of private and public schools and homeschools will participate in a series of competitions in art and design, music, speech and drama, teaching and preaching and video production. This year, there will be two new music categories⁠—composition and musical theater vocal solo.

Approximately 600 guests are expected. Participants may compete in both individual and group fine arts competitions and receive judging forms with evaluations from BJU faculty and staff. Students participating in the preaching and teaching categories will receive feedback from faculty in the BJU School of Religion and BJU Seminary.

First-place winners are eligible for a paid program fee for their first semester at BJU ($800-$1475) and partial and/or full scholarships to attend a week of BJU EDUcamp in the summer. 

Various showcase concerts and recitals will be held Tuesday at 7 p.m., Wednesday at 6:30 p.m., and Thursday at 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. in Rodeheaver Auditorium. 

In addition to competing, students will have the opportunity to visit classes and attend campus events. To view event details, click here.

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