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Sunday, May 19, 2024 - 03:55 PM


First Published in 1994


Hear Both Sides of this Controversial Issue that will Profoundly Impact Public School Students and their Future Success

Senator Tom Corbin and Representatives Dwight Loftis and Mike Burns are sponsoring a Common Core Standards Forum at Greer High School Thursday, January 9th at 7 pm.

Greenville County School Board members, the State Board of Education, the South Carolina Education Oversight Committee, The S.C. School Boards Association, The S.C. Education Association, and the S.C. PTA, who are advocates for the Common Core Standards, have been contacted and invited to participate and defend the standards.

A letter to the editor on Page 6 of this issue provides some insight into the concerns of one professional educator.

The intrusive data tracking of personal student information handed over to the security leaking Federal Government, the loss of local control, the one size fits all standards with an envisioned goal of producing a workforce filled with politically correct social justice robots, the developmentally inappropriateness, the loss of time spent on classic literature in favor of cold informational text and the fuzzy math teaching techniques are not in the best interest of SC Children.

Why did South Carolina educators and elected officials commit to impose these federal standards if they are so bad?

Bottom line is South Carolina children are guinea pigs and our 2010 State Board of Education,Education Oversight Committee, former Superintendent of Education Jim Rex and Governor Mark Sanford have pimped South Carolina children out to the highest bidder... Bill Gates.  Bill Gates has spent close to $150 million to support these standards. Why, you may ask, did our education decision makers sell our students out? The answer pure and simple … to get Federal Race to the Top money and a No Child Left Behind Waver.

Educators and parents from across South Carolina and the nation have been raising concerns about the implementation of national standards in public schools. This has motivated South Carolina lawmakers to seek facts before voting on bills pending in both the South Carolina House and Senate.  (House Bill 3943  Senate Bill 300).

South Carolina Parents Involved in Education (SCPIE) President Sheri Few and American Principles Project Jane Robbins will present the case against the standards.

The forum will consist of both sides presenting their position in thirty-minute segments followed by an hour of questions and answers from the sponsoring lawmakers and the public in attendance.

Greer High School is located at 3000 Gap Creek Road north of Greer and east of Highway 14 near the Greer Country Club.

Many teachers are afraid to criticize, or even discuss the standards with parents. This is a great opportunity for concerned parents to get the facts on Common Core and get their questions answered.