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Sunday, July 14, 2024 - 06:24 PM


First Published in 1994


What Can We Do?

A great many people have emailed me expressing their agreement and asking, what can we do besides voting?

If I may suggest, the solutions are (1) organized movements to change our education system of future generations, and (2) organized groups to secure our election process and getting out the voters. These solution suggestions are both Constitutional without all the mayhem, bloodshed and destruction of life and property that an armed revolution would bring. They are both doable and can be financed, organized, planned and carried out and accomplished. All that is needed is the will to live free.

We need to start organizing NOW to ensure our elections results come from honest and true votes cast by registered living voters in that county precinct, and the voting methods are honest and can not be tinkered with. If it means returning to paper ballots, so be it! It's OUR COUNTY!!

This can only take place at the county level in every county in the union, not state, not federal levels, but COUNTY. There are 3,142 counties or equivalents there of from the largest, 254 in Texas, to the smallest, 3 in Delaware. (per World Atlas) Everyone reading this lives in one of these 3,142 counties.

My message to you is, we must get to work and do it NOW. The reversal of direction will have to come from the people living in all these counties, not our current elected politicians in Washington. Organize in groups (the more people, the stronger the impact) to challenge all county election officials and find out what kind of voting machines you have, someone from the group attend every board meeting, select people to be poll watchers and stay until the last vote is counted no matter how long it takes, REFUSE TO BE SENT HOME UNTIL IT'S ALL DONE AND SIGNED OFF ON! Every voting ballot or voting machine slip must be viewed and tabulated by the official tabulator and one watcher from each party, and remain in place until there are no more votes to be counted. Make sure which brand of machines you have in your county. Republicans and Democrats work together on this. All Democrats are not Socialists. All Republicans are not Rhinos.

The exact same effort must happen in every school district in America. Get involved with your local school boards and KNOW what they are allowing our kids to be taught or not allowing to be taught. Stop the indoctrination of our children. Someone from the group attend every board meeting. The people are supposed to be running this country. It is past time we start doing it.

The Socialists have been doing exactly this for many years and we have sat on our butts and watched them do it. The supporters of the socialist agendas of Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, George Soros, Otasio-Cortez, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and others aren't any more intelligent than we are. They are just organized and work harder than we do. It is time we take the battle for America to them and fight their way, in every local school district and county election board in the nation. which is the proper and most effective way to do it.

Every local school board member, superintendent, principle or teacher, every local county election board member WORKS FOR YOU. Not the other way around. Get up, stand up, walk tall and let them know it, and DO IT NOW, IT ONLY TAKES THE WILL AND SOME WORK.

"I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America (Not a political party), and to the REPUBLIC for which it stands" We are a REPUBLIC not a Democracy. There are words which stir the hearts of men and women, REPUBLIC is one of those words.  

We are in charge! If it doesn't change, it is no one's fault but our own. This is a call to action to all who give a darn, do you? If so, there is work to be done. Every voting person in America should immediately make a firm decision to stop any and all allegiance to a political party, and instead turn that allegiance to the United States of America and her Constitution.