Confederate Memorial to the Reconciliation and Reunification Arlington Cemetery
Arlington National Cemetery, 109-year-old Confederate Memorial to the Reconciliation and Reunification of our great nation after our bloodiest war. It was the brainchild of Union soldier and president, William McKinley, who said "every soldier's grave made during our unfortunate civil war is a tribute to American valor." The sculptor, internationally renowned Jewish artist Moses Jacob Ezekiel, was a VMI Confederate soldier. Art critic Michael Robert Patterson states that "no sculptor, as far as known, has ever, in any one memorial told as much history as has Ezekiel in his monument at Arlington; and every human figure in it, as well as every symbol, is in and of itself a work of art." In a barbaric crime against art and history, the naming commission and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin want the monument demolished.

Below is correspondence I sent to Fox News's Tucker Carlson Tonight about Tucker's outstanding February 28th interview with Christopher Bedford, who has a current article in The New Criterion, on the Confederate Memorial in Arlington National Cemetery.

That magnificent 109 year old monument, surrounded by over 500 Confederate graves in concentric circles, supported by four presidents and veterans North and South, is slated for demolition by Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and other heinous destroyers of history and art.

Those kinds of actions by the Woke in our government are degrading not only our country but also our military.

They are the main reason for the current recruiting crisis, which is significantly worse this year than last. Military recruiting is on a downward trend because people are FED UP with the Woke military that just approved putting men in women's showers along with the constant badgering on racial issues that do not exist except in the sick Woke mind.

Would you allow your daughter to join the military and be forced to shower and bunk with "men" who obviously have issues? See "Biden Pentagon Orders Military Chaplains To Bless Putting Male Soldiers In Female Showers And Bedrooms" by Elaine Donnelly, February 24, 2023.1 (a link to the article is in the note, below)

Would you want your sons to serve with people who got in because the standards were lowered in order to deal with a worsening, self-inflicted recruiting crisis?

This disgraceful Wokeness is tearing at the fabric of our country.

So many veterans today who proudly served would discourage their own children from joining a military that, like the federal government, is committed to racist Woke ideology and iconoclasm, and not merit.

Our military and all of our warriors deserve a LOT better than this Woke garbage. Our country and especially military had better get back FAST to being the greatest colorblind meritocracy in history as we were in the not too distant past, before the rise of racist Woke mediocrity.

Scroll down for a link to a Defend Arlington update that includes Tucker Carlson's segment on the Confederate Memorial with Chris Bedford, on YouTube.

Please donate all you can to help in our lawsuit to save the Confederate Memorial because we can and WILL win this fight with your help!

To destroy that symbolic monument and leave a mangled shaft sticking up surrounded by hundreds of graves that represent the reconciliation of our country after a war in which 750,000 died and over a million were maimed, would put a black stain on Arlington National Cemetery and its administrators, the United States Army and United States Department of Defense, for all time.

We can not allow that.

This is the hill to die on.


March 2, 2023

Dear Tucker Carlson Tonight,

I sent the following via your website but wanted to send to your email address too.

Love your show!

The segment with Christopher Bedford on 2-28-23 on the planned demolition of the 109 year old Confederate Reconciliation Memorial at Arlington National Cemetery was good but WAY incomplete.

A lawsuit was filed two weeks ago by Washington, DC attorney Karen Bennett on behalf of an organization - Defend Arlington - that has sprung up to STOP the demolition of that historic monument. Defendants are DOD, the U.S. Army, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, and others.

I published the entire lawsuit on my blog. Click Here.

Defend Arlington solicited scholarly white papers on the Confederate Memorial and recently published a 385 page book that includes them all and other information to help our attorneys. Click Here for the entire 385 page book as a PDF flip book.

A printed copy is available. If you would be so kind as to give me an address, we will send you a copy and other information on our legal efforts.

It is CLEAR that the DOD and others have violated NUMEROUS LAWS in their attempt to destroy the Confederate Memorial, and it is outrageous.

As Tucker knew when he got Chris Bedford to do a segment, this is a huge issue. The Confederate Monument is a world class work of art by Jewish artist Moses Ezekiel who was also a Confederate soldier and is buried around the base with two other Confederate soldiers and a Confederate sailor. The monument is surrounded by over 500 graves of Confederate soldiers and family arranged in concentric circles. ANC stated many times that the monument is an important part of their registration to be on the National Register of Historic Places.

The monument itself was the idea of Union veteran William McKinley when he was president. President Woodrow Wilson gave the dedication speech June 4, 1914. Before that, President William Howard Taft spoke at the ceremony the evening of the laying of the cornerstone.

It would be an abomination for that monument signifying the reconciliation of our country after a war in which 750,000 died and over a million were maimed, to be destroyed by Woke leftists.

Thank you very much.

Gene Kizer, Jr.Charleston Athenaeum Press

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