TomWeidner-1The Col. Robert Anderson Chapter, Sons of the American Revolution, recently held the Grand Opening of the Library and Museum of Revolutionary War History at the Culture Center on Academy St. in Simpsonville, SC. The new Director is Compatriot Tom Weidner.

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The Father Never Forgot nor Forgave Yankee Soldiers that Killed His Sons and Placed their Heads on His Gateposts


The Commonwealth of Kentucky historical marker located at Golden Pond reads: CIVIL WAR SNIPER: In 1862, Jack Hinson swore revenge against the Union Army when two sons were executed as bushwhackers. From Ambush he picked off men in blue uniforms on gunboats and on land. With a price on his head, he continued his vendetta until his gun bore 36 notches at close of war. He guided Gen. Nathan B. Forrest in his last campaign in the area. Oct. – Nov. 1864.

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The Wade Hampton Camp No. 273 held it’s 11th annual celebration of the life and accomplishments of one of South Carolina’s most distinguished heroes on Sunday afternoon, April 7, at 2 o’clock.

More than one hundred people attended this event – besides the Wade Hampton Camp, SCV members, and interested people from different parts of South Carolina.

The Memorial service itself, was held in Keenan Chapel, which is part of Trinity Episcopal Cathedral. Immediately prior to the program was a concert by the Maplewood band, led by CPA Don Jones. They played on string instruments, The Rebel Soldier, What A Friend We have in Jesus, and The Old Rugged Cross, and, of course, “Dixie.”

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The JB Kershaw Chapter UDC was delighted  to have Heather Sheen of Greenville #51 UDC present “Civil War” Cockades at their March 19 meeting.  Heather has probably become a national authority on the subject as she began researching the topic before the Sesquicentennial of the Firing on Ft. Sumter, April, 2011.  In fact, she was contacted by the producers of the recent movie “Les Miserable” and asked if she could provide 3000 cockades for opening night of the movie!  Little did they know that these are hand-made and could not be done in three short weeks.

Chapter ladies found the topic very interesting as well as the items she brought with her, some of which she had made, and others from different time periods in history.   Heather apologized for calling it the “Civil War” as that is not the correct name for this period in history.  But, in order to move along quickly and cover a lot of information, she used this shortened name.

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The Sons of Confederate Veterans held its 2013 Sesquicentennial Heritage Rally on Saturday, March 16, 2013, in Biloxi, Mississippi, at the opening of the Jefferson Davis Presidential Library and Museum on the grounds of Beauvior, the last home of President and Mrs. Jefferson Davis in the years following the War Between the States. Beauvoir was the site of his retirement and the place where he wrote his two-volume memoir, The Rise and Fall of the Confederate Government. Following his death, the home was sold to the Mississippi Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans with two stipulations:first, the property was to be used as a Confederate Veterans Home for the veterans and their widows at no charge to them.

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Don Gordon of Columbia, South Carolina, was guest speaker at the February meeting of the Sixteenth Regiment, SCV in Greenville. He discussed General Nathan Bedford Forrest, renowned cavalry leader, considered by many to be the finest produced by the Confederacy. At the conclusion of his presentation, Mr. Gordon quoted from memory a lengthy segment of the final speech Forrest gave to his troops  3-days before the final surrender. The presentation drew an enthusiastic standing ovation from the packed banquet room at the Phoenix Inn.

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“A Nation of Men of Lee’s Character Would be Unconquerable in Spirit and Soul” President Dwight D. Eisenhower

SC-Colour-Guard-of-Honour-Post-ColorsThe Officers and Members of the 16th Regiment, South Carolina Volunteers, Sons of Confederate Veterans, Camp 36 in Greenville celebrated the birthdays of Generals Lee and Jackson at the Greenville Hilton, Saturday evening.

Robert E. Lee was born January 19, 1807, in Stratford Hall, Virginia.

Thomas J. “Stonewall” Jackson was born January 21, 1824, in Clarksburg, Virginia.

Despite the mendacity of those who continue to attempt to justify the atrocities committed against the Southern people by maligning Southern leaders, General Lee and “Stonewall” Jackson continue to be used by the top military schools throughout the world as the best examples of leadership and character in military history. Both were distinguished graduates of the U. S. Military Academy and officers in the United States Army. They were faced with a momentous decision when their sovereign state left the Union. They resigned their commissions to defend their homeland.

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