Joseph Evan Davis Chapter #907, Children of the Confederacy, met on Saturday, August 25, 2012, to welcome its newest members with the presentation of their membership certificates, followed by an ice cream sundae celebration at the end of the meeting. Those who received their certificates were Andrew Myers, Matthew Myers and John Myers.

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Original March was from Asheville to Austin, Texas

HK-Edgerton---9-12H. K. Edgerton, the former Asheville, North Carolina, NAACP president who marched from Asheville to the Austin, Texas, courthouse wearing the uniform of a Confederate soldier and carrying a large Confederate flag will celebrate the tenth anniversary of the march beginning next month.

Edgerton marched to Austin to protest the removal of historic dedication plaques from the courthouse. The courthouse was built with funds donated by widows of Confederate Veterans and the plaques indicated that fact. The plaques were removed during the night by the Texas government to appease protesters.

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“Stories of Courage amid Civil War Destruction”

Author-Karen-StokesAmericans need to be reminded of the terror and destruction that can be unleashed on innocent civilians by an invading army with leaders unrestrained by Biblical standards and soldiers desiring revenge with no compassion for the suffering of women, children and the elderly. Such was the situation when over sixty thousand troops under command of Union General William T. Sherman cut a 40 mile wide swath of total destruction across South Carolina, murdering, raping, stealing and destroying everything they could not carry with them.

Confederate troops had withdrawn from the state in the face of an overwhelming enemy force, hoping to minimize damage to the state. The mayor of Columbia had surrendered the city to Gen. Sherman with a solemn promise that the city and it’s remaining women, children, and elderly would not be harmed.

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“Those that can’t remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” ~ George Santayana


Walking into the Museum and Library of Confederate history I was unsure of what to expect. Being raised in the South I thought I knew what the war was about and there wasn’t much else for me to be told. I even thought for a moment while walking into the building that I would be confronted by someone filled with Caucasian pride, ready to fill my head with nonsense. But, that was not the case.

Entering the museum I was greeted with education, and an eyeopening experience. Lined above the hallway decorated with antiqued, framed photographs were numerous versions of the confederate flag. Some of the versions that I was looking at were the first I had ever seen them displayed.

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Nashville-OratorThe Greenville County Republican Women's Club Americanism Program featured talent from the Academy of Arts Logos Theatre in Taylors. The artists included Noah and Nicole Stratton and Dr. Nicky Chavers. The program also featured Glenn Christianson on the piano. Kathy Davis, Americanism Chair arranged the program.

Dr. Chavers founded the Academy of Arts in 1971 and has written hundreds of pieces of music as well as 26 full-length plays and musicals. He portrayed John Adams in the program. Noah Stratton portrayed Patrick Henry.

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The South Carolina Division of the Children of the Confederacy held its annual Convention in Greenville, SC, on May 18-19, 2012. Joseph Evan Davis Chapter #907, CofC, was the host Chapter for the event. Winnie Davis Chapter No. 442, UDC, assisted in hosting the Convention. Young people from all over the state of South Carolina, and others from North Carolina and Georgia attended the meetings. The Convention theme was "Show Your Southern Pride." The event began on Friday evening, May 18, at the Museum and Library of Confederate History, 15 Boyce Avenue, Greenville, SC.

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Robert H. Roper III, Past S.C. Division Commander Featured Speaker


The 2012 Confederate Memorial Service held in Springwood Cemetery on North Main Street in Greenville, South Carolina, Sunday, May 6th, drew a capacity crowd.

A prelude of soul-stirring music by the Kendall, Neely and Verdin family Musical Ensemble permeated the historic cemetery where hundreds of Confederate soldiers and their families were laid to rest.

Hunter Kendall gave the bugle Call to Church.

David Wright, Commander, 16th Regiment SCV, issued the Call to Order, with Invocation by SCV National and 16th Regiment Chaplain Mark Evans.

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