These monuments in the Confederate section of Oakwood Cemetery in Raleigh, North Carolina were recently vandalized by anti-Confederate individuals. Burlap has been used to cover up the worst of the desecration.


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Members of Joseph Evan Davis 907, Children of the Confederacy, toured the Thornwell Home for Children and Presbyterian College following the Division Board Meeting in Clinton on Jan. 9, 2016.  At the Board Meeting, hosted by the Clinton Museum, the children were able to see the CofC Silver Collection, including one piece inscribed in honor of their Chapter Director, Pam Durham, so honored for her patriotic activities.  Allison Bolt, President of Joseph Evan Davis 907, is the Patriotic Activities Chair for the CofC General (National Organization), and was pleased to see the silver awarded honoring the Patriotic Services recipients.  The children were delighted to spend time with Museum Director Elaine Thorpe.

Joseph Evan Davis CofC Chapter 1st VP Matt Myers (who also serves as President of the SC Division CofC) had never been to Thornwell, and was honored to be at the place that served as the home for his great-grandfather for over 12 years.

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Heather Sheen, with Joyful Harps, plays the museum’s historic melodian during the “Christmas in Dixie” Program.

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Caroline S. Coleman 537, Children of the Confederacy, had the privilege of dedicating a memorial marker for Confederate soldier Thomas Calvin Chumley on Saturday, November 21, 2015, at the Cedar Shoals Baptist Church cemetery in Enoree, SC. Thomas Calvin Chumley is one of the Confederate ancestors of four chapter members of Caroline S. Coleman 537: Sumter (Chapter President), Hampton (Chapter Chaplain), Georgia Grey, (Chapter Historian) and Charlotte Chumley. Hampton and Georgia Grey also serve as SC Division officers of the Children of the Confederacy. Hampton is the SC Division Historian and Georgia Grey is the SC Division Recording Secretary. The Chumley family purchased and installed the iron cross marker and then gave the honor to Caroline S. Coleman 537 to dedicate the marker with a ceremony conducted by the chapter members.

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Commander Douglas Langley, above left, welcomed 5 new members to the 16th South Carolina Volunteers SCV Camp 36 during the Thursday 19 November meeting of the camp. From left to right, the new members are Taylor Davenport, Jason Ross, Barry Kay, Perry Sudduth and Shane Anderson.


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A Presentation by Dr. Terry Rude, Retired Educator and Board Chairman of the 16th Regiment, SC Volunteers Confederate Museum and Library


Dr. Terry Rude came to Greenville, South Carolina from the West Coast. Motivated by a desire to learn something about Southern Culture, he discovered Confederate history. For decades, as a professor at Bob Jones University and a teacher in Greenville County public schools, he continued to study original source historical documents. During a lengthy search he discovered he had a Confederate ancestor and was qualified to become a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

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