The Sixteenth Regiment, Sons of Confederate Veterans held a Confederate Memorial Service at Springwood Cemetery in Greenville Sunday afternoon at 3:00 p.m. The event was planned and directed by the Regimental Chaplain, Rev. Mark Evans.

The Memorial Address was delivered by Mark A. Simpson, Commander, South Carolina Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans.

Music for the service was provided by the Kendall sisters: Christiana, Prentiss and Lisë.

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“Mr. Lincoln and His War” Author Makes Case that Lincoln was “Executed” not “Assassinated”

Dr-John-Chandler-GriffinDr. John Chandler Griffin was the guest speaker at the February 25th meeting of the Sons of Confederate Veterans in Greenville.

Dr. Griffin earned a scholarship to Presbyterian College as a high school quarterback, dropped out of college and joined the Eighty-second Airborne Division. He discovered his love for writing sending long letters back home. After completing his military service, he earned a degree in English and completed work for his Ph.D. and began teaching. He retired in 1998 as a full professor and received the honorary title of Distinguished Professor Emeritus.

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Songwriter, Actor, Playwright, Musician and Author Presented: “Story Behind Songs”


The Lee – Jackson Dinner at the Airport Marriott, Saturday night, was musical and historical from beginning to end. Featured was a historic journey through the 1860s with Stan Clardy and his stories, songs and guitar along with the Joyful Harps featuring Heather and Raquelle Sheen.

The occasion was celebration of the birthdays of two of the nation’s greatest military leaders who were graduates of the Military Academy at West Point who have a reputation for honor and patriotism “etched in stone,” despite efforts of revisionists to distort their character.

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The Spirit And Passion of “Swamp Fox”

Throughout the ages, the human heart has longed for the ability to express, act and become what it was created to be.  Since this can only happen in a FREE society, it has been a dream...not realized... until a few brave men and women with great faith and trust in the God of the Bible decided to cross an ocean; not knowing whether they would live or die.  Willing to take the chance - America was born.

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The first annual Olde South Ball held at the Airport Marriott was a complete success!! Guests enjoyed a lovely southern meal, browsed tables of gift items for sale, took home door prizes, bid on one-of-a-kind items in the silent auction, and most of all stepped lively to a full evening of 1860s-era music capably played by the Blueridge Rounders.

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The Museum and Library of Confederate History Each Friday

Greg Harrison and Randy (Country) Hawkins, Mayor of Little Texas, SC. ~ Photo by Bob DillThe 16th Regiment, Camp 36, Sons of Confederate Veterans Museum and Library of Confederate History  presents Christmas in Dixie, December 2009 each Friday evening from 6 p.m. until 9 p.m. through December 18th at 15 Boyce Ave. in Greenville, South Carolina.

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Photo by Bob Dill

Jack Marlar, Field Representative for SCV International, addressed the Sons of Confederate Veterans, 16th Regiment, Camp 36, during their monthly meeting Thursday, November 19th. His topic: “War Was Caused by Slavery?///No!” Using original source historical material, Marlar made a strong case for the true basis for the War Between the States that resulted in the invasion and occupation of South Carolina and other Southern states and unspeakable atrocities against the civilian population and their property.

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