Ted AdamsThe Anderson County Constitution Meet Up Group met at Ryan’s in Anderson on September 17, 2009 at 6:30 p.m. A fantastic group of energetic, freedom-loving constitutionalists turned out for what proved to be an exciting and thought-provoking evening.

Pastor Tony Romo kicked off the evening at 7:00 p.m. with a welcome and asked each attendee to introduce themselves and briefly share their political involvement. Two of the attendees traveled to be part of the “Tea-Party” in Washington, D. C., one on a bus and the other on his motorcycle. Another individual was involved in the Ron Paul campaign. Some attendees are fairly new to the political scene while others have been freedom fighters for many years. Several of the people at the meeting are members of the Constitution Party.

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Event Sponsored by Upstate Young Republicans

Derrick and Rebecca Hopper with daughters, Jillian, Julie, Laura, and Christina at the enlarged U.S. Constitution signed by attendees.
The Simpsonville Senior Center was the site for the U. S. Constitution Celebration sponsored by Upstate Young Republicans Saturday, Sept. 19th.

The UYR is a non-profit group dedicated to encouraging participation in Republican Politics by young adults aged 18-40.

The celebration included a full reading of the Constitution by elected officials, candidates for public office, students and other citizens. Volunteers made soapbox speeches titled “What the Constitution Means to me.”

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NASA Astronaut Dr. Piers Sellers stands beside the NASA prototype spacesuit. ~ Photo by Gilbert Scales
Dr. Piers Sellers, born in Crowborough, Sussex, United Kingdom, graduated from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, in 1976, and received Bachelor of Science Degree in Ecological Science, and later he received a Doctorate in Biometeorology, from Leeds University in 1981.

Dr. Sellers and his wife left the UK in 1982, moving to the U.S. He began his NASA career as a Research Meteorologist at Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland. In 1984 he began to apply annually to become an astronaut. Since he was not a U.S. citizen, he was not accepted in the Astronaut Program. He became a nationalized U.S. citizen in 1991 and was selected as an astronaut candidate by NASA in April 1996. He reported to the NASA Johnson Space Center in August. He completed two years of training and evaluation and was assigned technical duties in the Astronaut Office Computer Support Branch followed by training in the Astronaut Office Space Station Branch.

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The front of the marker about Thaddeus Lowe's balloon landing. ~ Photo Courtesy of Holly SheenOn June 25 my husband, Ray Sheen, gave a presentation to the 16th South Carolina Volunteers, SCV Camp 36, entitled Aeronautics During the War for Southern Independence. Ray cataloged the progress of ballooning as a military technology during the war era.

One of the most famous balloonists prior to the war was Thaddeus Lowe who had done a number of experiments with balloons. Lowe had a theory that there was a strong prevailing east wind at higher altitudes above the ground-level westerly currents. He decided to try his theory out by riding his balloon from Cincinnati, Ohio, to wherever the balloon might take him. He left Cincinnati at 3:30 a.m. one morning and landed at Pea Ridge, South Carolina, only 9 hours later!

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(Passages from the book by J. Steven Wilkins)

Fredericksburg: Page 212

During the (Union) assault, Lee turned to Longstreet and said with a mixture of satisfaction and sadness, “It is well that war is so terrible! We should grow too fond of it!”

The battle of Fredericksburg was actually two battles fought three miles apart: one in Jackson’s sector, and the other in Longstreet’s. Both battles proved disastrous for the Federals. Union Capt. Abner Small conceded, “There had been two battles, and we knew that both had been lost.”

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From the Book: The South under Siege, 1830-2000, Chapter 24, By Frank Conner

This book has described the ideological war that the Northern secular humanists have been waging against the conservative Christian South from the 1830s until now (June 2000); and we have catalogued many of the social, political, and economic losses suffered by the South as the result of losing that war. But in discussing the wrenching changes that have been forced upon the Southern society – especially during the last half century, we have not yet talked about the consequent loss of the traditional Christian values which shaped the society of the Old South and made it unique in the world.

Let us talk about that now. If we could resurrect the best values of the Old South, modified only slightly for today’s conditions, what type of society would we likely end up with? Would it be worth all the effort?

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Commander Jim Bouchillon, Ray Sheen and  1st Lt Commander Larry Waddell. ~ Photo by Bob Dill
Ray Sheen was the guest speaker at the June meeting of the 16"' Regiment, South Carolina Volunteers, Camp 36, Sons of Confederate Veterans in Greenville. Sheen is a former US Air Force officer who operates his own consulting business and enjoys Confederate re-enacting with family members. He volunteers as webmaster and maintains the I6'1' SCV and Museum of Confederate History web sites.

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