The radical homosexual agenda now dominates our society and institutions, including most churches.  The goal is to silence all criticism of homosexual perversion; with radical adherents doxing -- with intent to destroy – loving critics who would save them.  These radicals have succeeded in de-sensitizing people to the obvious unnaturalness and pure filth of sodomite relations.  So now, one man putting his penis in another man’s anus no longer elicits the vomitous and righteous disgust it should.  Nor does women acting like men, or women committing unnatural acts with one another.

“Born gay” is a liberal lie.  No gay gene has been found.  Human nature is fallen, and child sexual abuse is the main cause and spreader of homosexuality.  This abuse disrupts and derails the child’s normal and natural hetero-psychological development.  Instead of being allowed to learn and grow gradually toward natural and proper hetero-pleasure, the boy or girl, during abuse, is forcibly and prematurely introduced to sex, suffers lasting disorientation, and can learn sub-consciously to take pleasure, ever after, in the perverse and unnatural.  So it is sheer unscientific folly – and abominable sin – to rationalize as normal and healthy the homosexual’s obvious negative deviation, mis-development and dogged disorder.  Remember:  the one and only true God, the Triune, promises worse than a millstone necklace for pedophiles, and eternal fiery rain for unrepentant sodomites.

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