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When the crowd surrounding Taya Kyle dwindled during the reception, I approached the Author of American Wife  with a degree of anxiety. As she stretched out her hand I responded by telling her that as a veteran of almost three decades of military service, I had a great deal of respect and admiration for military wives and their  many sacrifices for their families and their country. I was somewhat startled when she responded with a big hug for this old soldier. The words had touched a tender spot behind the tough shell surrounding this woman who had been hardened by an eventful  and painful life.

Mrs. Kyle was introduced to the packed house of Taylors Free Medical Clinic supporters by Dr. Tony Beam who discussed his emotional reaction to the Clint Eastwood directed movie depicting her husband’s life as the sniper with the most sniper kills in US military history, She had no small role in his life and the movie.

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Eight new Army second Lieutenants were commissioned at Furman University McAlister Auditorium Saturday, May 6th, 2016.

Lt. Col. Gregory Scrivens is Professor of Military Science at Furman. Also participating in the ceremony were Furman President Dr. Elizabeth Davis and Interim North Greenville University President Dr. Randall Parnell.

Guest speaker for the ceremony was Colonel Erick Schwartz (USA Ret.).

Col Schwartz said the purpose of his talk was to give the soon to be Army officers, “an insider’s look into hearts and minds of men in battle.”

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The Korean War Veterans Association, Foothills Chapter of SC #301, has contributed to the Greer Daily Bread Ministries STEP project, a veterans and family shelter. The STEP program (Shelter to Empower People) is designed to allow a veteran or a family to progress through a 90 day program that will provide them with the faith, financial knowledge, and life skills needed to exit homelessness, rejoin the workforce, and become productive members of the community. STEP is an arm of the Greer Soup Kitchen, well known in the community since 1991, whose mission is to feed the hungry by providing one hot nutritious meal (not just a sandwich) each day to whomever comes, serving approximately 140 to 150 meals each day. The Soup Kitchen provided over 50,000 meals in the past year.

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Homer Bryant, WWII veteran, presents the American Legion Award for Scholastic Excellence to Cadet Adam Johnson. This award is presented to a junior cadet that displays leadership qualities and is active in student organizations and constructive activities.


Joel Heiser, Vietnam veteran and member of James F. Daniel, Jr. American Legion Post 3, presents the American Legion Award for Military Excellence to Cadet William Jenkins. This award is presented to a junior cadet that demonstrates outstanding qualities and military leadership, discipline, and citizenship.


Mrs. Helen Kinion presents the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution National Defense Committee ROTC Medal and Certificate to Cadet Devan Trout. This award is presented to a cadet that shows qualities of loyalty and patriotism.

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Retired Sheriff Johnny Mack Brown spoke to the Rudolph Anderson American Legion Post recently. The longest serving sheriff in Greenville County history discussed his interesting and productive life in law enforcement, including his appointment to the Federal Marshall service after leaving the sheriff’s office.

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Few Americans realize that 22 veterans are lost everyday to suicide. These dramatic losses far exceed the current casualties in foreign conflicts.


Early Friday morning, 22 military veterans departed Landrum in the rain on a 22-mile walk to Greer to raise community awareness of the 22 veterans lost to suicide each day.

The first scheduled rest stop was Gowansville. They reached it ahead of schedule. The second rest stop on highway 14 was Skyland Elementary School where they were greeted by a group of supporters and encouragers from local veterans organizations. They provided water and restroom facilities for the walkers.

Tabatha R. Miller, Veterans Outreach Program Specialist represented the U. S. Department of Veterans Affairs at the Skyland rest area. Auxiliary members of several veterans organizations as well as veterans not personally participating in the walk joined her.

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Members of Chapter 523 of The Vietnam Veterans of America Car Cruise-in at Lil’ Rebel Restaurant Saturday evening distribute door prizes to winners.

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