A Mama Bear Speaks Out

Everyone has a gag point, even far-left progressives. For Jamie Reed, who worked for four years at the Pediatric Transgender Center at Washington University School of Medicine at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, her gag point was the sterilization of children. “The safety of children should not be a matter for our culture wars,” she said. Read her first-hand account here.

Jamie Reed is courageous because she has blown the whistle on “gender” ideology. Unlike the medical professionals who are pushing children to mutilate their bodies, Jamie Reed wants to “do no harm” and stop the trans wreck. 

Jamie Reed has children, so she understands that no one — not even the attending physician — cares more than the parent about the health and well-being of the child. So she was alarmed that her employer, the Pediatric Transgender Clinic, did not recognize parental rights. “Doctors saw themselves as more informed decision-makers over the fate of these children,” she wrote. In her attempt to help one patient, Jamie Reed wrote to the staff therapist, “I do not ethically agree with linking a minor patient to a therapist who would be gender affirming with gender as a focus of their work without that being discussed with the parents and the parent agreeing to that kind of care.”

Jamie Reed points out that many of the patients came from unstable families and that these children had many other unaddressed problems besides gender dysphoria. These children were crying for help and instead of helping the children, the doctors experimented on them. Her boss said, “We are building the plane while we are flying it” and Jamie Reed responds: “No one should be a passenger on that kind of aircraft.”

Anytime that I have had a medical procedure, I am required to sign consent forms and listen to all the possible side effects and negative outcomes. These children, who are too young to give legal consent, were subjected to experiments that permanently altered their voice, body shape, genitalia, and fertility. Many children were sterilized before they had ever had any sexual contact. No child can possibly understand the loss of fertility. According to Jamie Reed, more than a thousand children have been treated by the St. Louis clinic. How many more thousands of children have been mutilated by physicians across the country?

Missouri and other states are currently debating bills on prohibiting cross-sex hormones, puberty blockers, and surgeries to “transition” children. Let us all support this good legislation. 

More information and sample legislation are available in our book: Sex, Lies, and Children available here.


Anne Schlafly Cori is the daughter of Phyllis Schlafly and Chairman of Eagle Forum.

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