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Sunday, April 14, 2024 - 06:14 PM


First Published in 1994


Tonight, SC Governor Henry McMaster laid out his vision for the upcoming year and highlighted his administration’s successes in his annual State of the State address. In response, our Chairman, Adam Morgan (Greenville) delivered our view of the state of the State.

Notably, the Governor’s speech made no mention of the ongoing war being waged against conservative legislators in the General Assembly. Not only were Freedom Caucus members ousted from the House Republican Caucus last year, but earlier this month “Republican” House leadership was caught joining Democrats in begging lobbyists to fund candidates against the SC Freedom Caucus. This kind of blatant cronyism from the Uniparty must be quashed and condemned by all true Republicans.

The state of the State may be strong, but that is in spite of not because of the crony establishment in Columbia. In fact, if South Carolinians do not stop the “Republican” establishment’s embrace of crony capitalism, weaponizing of government, and promoting ESG’s, DEI, and the Green New Deal agenda we may lose the state we love.

After the Governor finished, the Democrats released their response to the State of the State. Not surprisingly their main criticisms were lobbed at Freedom Caucus conservatives for forcing the Legislature to focus on “highly inflammatory issues"—such as protecting women’s sports, expanding school choice, protecting life, medical freedom, parental rights, 2nd amendment rights, election integrity, shrinking government, cutting wasteful spending, protecting kids from irreversible gender transition procedures, and on and on. The Democrats rightfully blame us for moving the Legislature to the right and slowly breaking their grip on power in the House of Representatives.

The reason the Left, the moderates, the lobbyists, and the media are so shocked by us is because they are not used to conservative courageous, principled elected officials. We recognize what is at stake, and will continue forcing the Legislature to focus on the issues that will preserve the life and liberty of our constituents.


“Patriots must unite and take our Party, our state, and our country back. The Freedom Caucus is here to fill a void in conservative leadership, and your support is vital. May God bless you and may God bless the state of South Carolina.”



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