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Sunday, July 14, 2024 - 02:43 PM


First Published in 1994


BOSTON -- On Tuesday, GoFundMe announced they would be freezing and withholding the funds of a campaign created in support of a convoy of Canadian truckers traveling across Canada in protest against vaccine mandates. As of Wednesday morning, the campaign has raised more than $5.2 million in support of the truckers convoy. 

"This is yet another example of Big Tech becoming Big Brother, dictating how people should make decisions and raise money," said Jacob Wells, co-founder of GiveSendGo, the #1 free Christian crowdfunding site. "Not only is GoFundMe withholding funds from the recipients of this campaign, but they're refusing to refund money back to the donors." 

The crowdfunding site claims they have withheld these funds until a "clear plan" has been produced as to how the funds will be used and distributed. 

"We require that fundraisers be transparent about the flow of funds and have a clear plan for how those funds will be spent," said Rachel Hollis, a spokeswoman for GoFundMe, in an email. "Funds will be safely held until the organizer is able to provide the documentation to our team about how funds will be properly distributed."

Creator of the GoFundMe campaign, "Truckers Convoy 2022" Tamara Lich wrote these plans for how the funds will be spent in the description of her campaign.

"Money raised will be dispersed to our truckers to aid them with the cost of the journey," she said. "Funds will be spent to help cover the cost of fuel for our truckers first and foremost, will be used to assist with food if needed and contribute to shelter if needed. Any leftover donations will be donated to a credible Veterans organization which will be chosen by the donors."

"We would love to see this campaign come to GiveSendGo where they will not be censored or have their voices silenced," said co-founder of GiveSendGo, Heather Wilson. "Thousands of people are coming out of the woodwork in support of this group and they're not happy about what GoFundMe has done. We have an awesome community of givers, so I have no doubt this group would receive an overwhelming amount of financial, emotional, and spiritual support on GiveSendGo."

Astronomical support for the Canadian truckers convoy spread like wildfire across social media just in the last 24 hours, but a page created in support of the group was recently censored on Facebook. An official "Truckers Convoy 2022" page was started on Gab.com where thousands of people are rallying in support of the group. 

GiveSendGo is the #1 free Christian crowdfunding site. The platform is known for its mission to provide a safe, simple, and reliable, platform where individuals can come to raise money for their needs without fear of censorship. 

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