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Sunday, May 19, 2024 - 09:55 PM


First Published in 1994


TEMECULA, Calif. -- After a contentious city council meeting, the city of Temecula has finally agreed to consider a resolution to oppose California's Proposition 1. Prop. 1 is the far-reaching, vague, ballot measure that would amend the California Constitution granting all individuals a right to "reproductive freedom in their most intimate decisions." No court or legislature, or even the proposed amendment itself, have defined what "reproductive freedom in their most intimate decisions" includes or excludes.

Such ambiguity opens the door for the unthinkable. Laws regulating underage girls selling their eggs, laws regulating sex change surgery for minors without parental consent, and laws against incest, polygamy, and sex between adults and minors would ALL vanish if this new broad constitutional right to reproductive freedom passes.

City of Temecula Councilwoman Jessica Alexander boldly took a stance to protect not only the children, grandchildren, and parents of her city, but all Californians, by calling for a resolution to oppose Prop. 1 at the October 11, 2022, Temecula city council meeting. Both the city manager and the assistant city attorney incorrectly rejected her proposal, claiming it violated the city's agenda placement policy which precludes the same agenda item from being reintroduced within a three-month period. At a previous meeting, Alexander had introduced a proposal to declare the City of Temecula a "Sanctuary City for Life." The City misinterpreted their policy to prohibit any resolution relating to abortion.

Prop. 1 is not just about enshrining a right to abortion.

As Allison Aranda, Life Legal Defense Foundation's Senior Staff Counsel and resident of Temecula, pointed out to the city council during public comments at the October 11th meeting, "The expansive language of Prop. 1 creates a constitutional right to obtain children by purchasing eggs, sperm, and surrogacy services without 'interference' from state regulation."

On Monday, October 17, 2022, Aranda, sent a strongly worded letter to the city manager and the city attorney on behalf of Alexander and the Right to Life League, pointing out the legal fallacies of the City's position. After further discussion, the city attorney has agreed to place Councilwoman Alexander's request for a "Resolution Opposing Proposition 1" on the agenda for the October 25, 2022, city council meeting.

"It is shameful that Councilwoman Alexander had to get an attorney involved to get the city of Temecula to properly follow its own policies. If Councilwoman Alexander's proposal was about crime, and not abortion and parental rights, I doubt the city would have thwarted her request," commented Allison Aranda.

After receiving news that her proposed resolution was put on the October 25, 2022, agenda, Councilwoman Alexander remarked, "I am grateful for the support of Life Legal Defense Foundation, and I am thankful for the opportunity to expose the real dangers of Proposition 1 at the next city council meeting."


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