If a huge border crisis wasn’t bad enough, liberal lawmakers are pushing lame duck legislation to loosen our immigration laws. Behind closed doors, members of the United States House and Senate are negotiating bills to eliminate limits on legal immigration and provide a massive amnesty measure in the final days of the 117th Congress.

This week, the House is voting on the Equal Access to Green Cards for Legal Employment “EAGLE” Act (H.R. 3648) which will eliminate the per-country caps on worker visas and allows almost all guestworkers who apply for admission temporarily to stay permanently with employment authorization. (Per-country caps were created to ensure opportunity for people worldwide and diversity of applications, so that a small number of nationalities couldn’t dominate the visa system.) This means that larger countries like China and India will monopolize the majority of visas. Workers who obtain H-1B visas are eventually able to convert them into green cards. Not only will this allow certain immigrants to skip ahead in line to become American citizens, but it will also give corrupt governments a stake in our economy and increase our dependence on perpetual waves of foreign workers.

While House Democrats are pushing the EAGLE Act forward, several Senators are working to use lame duck legislation to move the Left’s most sought-after immigration goal: a pathway to citizenship for “dreamers” under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) program. Senators Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) and Thom Tillis (R-NC) have floated a measure to trade border-wall funding and an extension of the Trump-era Title 42 COVID restrictions for amnesty for over 2 million immigrants. Keep in mind, the DACA program was an Obama-era policy intended to temporarily allow recipients to work and receive benefits but was repeatedly extended. This will entice more immigrants to cross our borders illegally, put our national security at risk, and come with a $25 billion price tag that American taxpayers will have to pay.

Neither of these measures are responsible solutions to our immigration problems. In reality, they will make the border crisis worse by telling immigrants they get a free pass for breaking our laws. Easing worker visa restrictions and granting amnesty to millions of illegal aliens is dangerous for our country.

Contact your Representative and Senators now and ask them to vote NO on any immigration deals during the lame duck including the EAGLE Act and DACA citizenship.


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