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Sunday, April 14, 2024 - 05:52 PM


First Published in 1994


Stan Tzouvelekas Main Mug

Greenville County Councilman Ready to Take Conservative Voting Record to Columbia

Conservative Greenville County Councilman Stan Tzouvelekas will seek the Republican nomination for SC House District 22 his campaign announced today.

Tzouvelekas, an unapologetic fighter for conservative values, made waves on council by challenging special interests, lobbyists, and career politicians.

Over the summer, Tzouvelekas was one of four Councilmen who voted against the largest ever Greenville County tax increase. While fighting the measure, Tzouvelekas forced Council to lower in millage increase, saving taxpayers over $60 million.

Tzouvelekas has been a vocal supporter of the SC Freedom Caucus, the General Assembly’s growing coalition of its most conservative members. He is expected to join the Freedom Caucus, and the traditional family values-focused Family Caucus, if elected.

“I am eager to stand with the small group of actual conservatives fighting against the swamp, lobbyists, and special interests,” said Tzouvelekas. “Our state capital needs strong, principled leaders who will prioritize the needs of the people over the agendas of powerful elites.”

On Council, Tzouvelekas championed transparency in government, offering ordnances to video and voice record all scheduled meetings.

“While what happens on the House Floor is broadcast for all to see, a lot remains hidden in Columbia,” said Tzouvelekas. “Many subcommittee and committee meetings remain a mystery with no video recording or published vote totals. Bringing real transparency to Columbia and ending the corruption will be one of my top priorities.”

To learn more about Tzouvelekas’ campaign, visit StanForHouse.com.

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