On the steps of the Federal Building in downtown Greenville citizens opposing illegal alien amnesty waved signs and voiced their concerns during a rally sponsored by the South Carolina Conservative Action Council (SCCAC) on Saturday. All “true Americans” were invited to attend the anti-comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill (S.744) rally on the corner of Washington and Church Street.

The rally was held to demand fairness for all law-abiding U.S. workers and taxpayers who will have to compete for gainful employment against millions of illegal aliens.

“We’re here today to represent the 337,000 South Carolina citizens who are trying to find full- time work and can’t find full-time work,” said William Carter, Chairman of the SCCAC. “The federal government is going to allow millions of illegal aliens to become legalized to compete against our own South Carolina citizens. That’s a tragedy. That’s a betrayal by the political system of all the working people and the citizens of this state that should have true representation, and we don’t have it.”

A proposed action to stop the amnesty bill, according to Carter, is by opposing the re-election of Senator Lindsey Graham for U.S. Senate. After rallying in front of the federal building, protesters marched down Main Street and stopped in front of Graham’s office.

“We are dissatisfied not only with Congressmen, but with our President. We are also grossly dissatisfied by Lindsey Graham who has virtually betrayed the people of South Carolina. Senator Graham is one of the key players in getting this legislation passed and we can’t wait to vote against him in the next election,” said Carter.

Carter believes that amnesty will alter the American political system.

“We’ll no longer have a two- party system. We’ll have a one- party system and that’s why the Democratic Party is supporting [the bill] as strong as they are,” said Carter.

The SCCAC wants Americans to “wake up” and reclaim Congress. If Congress isn’t going to enforce the immigration laws of the U.S. then the SCCAC says, “We are going to find somebody who will.”


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