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Sunday, May 19, 2024 - 10:35 PM


First Published in 1994



The Vietnamese American Community in Greenville, SC, joined the Vietnamese American Community, USA, along with other groups: Tibetan, the Uighurs at Xinjiang, the Inner Mongolian, Taiwanese, Hong Kong people, Filipinos in protesting on the Chinese President Xi Jinping visit to the United States.  In front of the White House thousands of protesters carried their flags and banners, chanting “China out” and “Freedom for Tibet.”

The White House constructed temporary walls to prevent Xi Jinping to see his unwanted sights as protesters covered the La Fayette Park with pictures, flags and banners to show their side of Chinese Government leadership. Many political leaders of these groups stated that the White House is afraid of showing how Americans appreciate Freedom to practice the 1st Amendment by covering up their eyes and ears with black curtains and white veil.

Chinese government and administration had implemented erroneous activities such as: (1) serious violation of the Human Rights against the people of China, especially to Falun Gong group and deprivation of all basic rights from the people; (2) Suppression of  Tibetan, the Uighurs at Xinjiang, the Inner Mongolian, and others; (3) self-declaration of sovereignty of 80% of the East Sea.

Protesters brought awareness to the world with hope that the UN and America Government will reconsider shaking hands with China Government.

No presence of America media was noticed but several foreign media were present. The AntiCommunism Action Team, East Turkistan Government in Exile, Tianmen Memorial, Taiwan for Independence also joined with Tibetan, Falun Gong and Filipino groups in this protesting.

These protesters came to denounce and condemn to the world the Chinese serious human rights violation and illegal expansion.

While many Americans were concerned about what dress the First Ladies were wearing at State Dinner, there are victims of Chinese Government standing outside the White House with their goal to bring awareness to the UN and American Government regarding how the Chinese Government violently suppress their people.