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Sunday, June 16, 2024 - 12:32 AM


First Published in 1994


Save the Storks announces its highest-volume production schedule yet of its mobile medical units to serve pregnant women across the United States

Alpha Clinics in Vacaville, CA received a new Stork Bus named Nancy.
Alpha Clinics in Vacaville, CA received a new Stork Bus named Nancy.

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -- Save the Storks is for every woman and continues to live up to that promise by reaching more and more expecting mothers. Our 64th and 65th Stork Buses are officially launched! Already in the first quarter, we have built two new Stork Buses for centers in California and North Carolina and relaunched one Stork Bus to another center in California. Each bus is given a name as it is crafted with the same love and hope that we seek to offer to each woman who boards a bus. And all services offered on a Stork Bus are free!

We are expected to deliver 30 new Stork Buses in 2022, getting us closer to having a total of 100 mobile medical clinics across the United States. These buses are state-of-the-art and offer women lifesaving care in a space of luxury and comfort. Each Stork Bus is equipped with an ultrasound machine, pregnancy tests, and more resources. They are staffed with licensed medical professionals who walk expecting women through the process of their pregnancy.

Each Stork Bus is funded by our generous donors, several of whom have personal stories of choosing life or have a close relative or friend whose life-giving decision impacted them. Help us keep putting Stork Buses on the road by making a donation today.

Celebrate Save the Storks' 10 years of life-saving work at the Stork Ball on April 29 in Denver, CO. Purchase tickets at www.savethestorks.com/storkball-2022/.


About Save the StorksSave the Storks' mission is to create a story of hope and empowerment for every woman in an unplanned pregnancy. This non-profit organization, with headquarters in Colorado and staff across America, is 100% funded through the support of donors. This ministry equips, educates and trains pregnancy resource centers and churches across the United States to help them empower women to choose life. Save the Storks has captured the imagination of millions with their innovative fleet of Mobile Medical Units, known as the Stork Bus. In 2022 the non-profit ministry is celebrating a decade of life saving work, and today has 65 Stork Buses on the road in 26 states.To learn more about Save the Storks, visit www.SavetheStorks.com.