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Saturday, July 13, 2024 - 09:09 AM


First Published in 1994


BOISE, Idaho -- Stanton Healthcare has been part of the core team that is leading the way in passing legislation to ban abortions in the state of Idaho. Senate Bill 1309, which was just passed by the Idaho legislature, is extremely significant as it is modeled after the Texas law and has already withstood several federal court challenges, including not being blocked by the U.S. Supreme Court or the state of Texas' Supreme Court.

Stanton's Physician Assistant, Samantha Doty, testified before the Senate State Affairs Committee, and said the following:

"At Stanton we believe that abortion is wrong at any point in the pregnancy because from the moment of conception a uniquely distinct human being is created. Although our desire is to see abortions completely outlawed in the state of Idaho, we believe enacting SB 1309 would a huge step in the right direction."

Stanton's Director of Community Outreach, Linda Thomas, testified during the House State Affairs Committee hearing, and stated:

"Abortion is not women's healthcare. Abortion regret is real. However, even if a woman feels relief immediately after, or seems to never be negatively impacted by having an abortion, it doesn't mean it was a right choice.

"Abortion is wrong and must end because it causes the violent death of the most vulnerable human beings – on purpose – for profit. Babies, and their mothers, deserve far better than abortion. Stanton stands ready to offer the professional, quality care women are seeking – at no charge."

Stanton Public Policy Center was launched in 2020 to create awareness and to advocate for the women Stanton serves in the state of Idaho and beyond, as communicated by Stanton Founder and CEO, Brandi Swindell:

"When our Stanton medical team and staff testifies in support of legislation that protects preborn babies, we are bringing the hearts and voices of our Stanton clients, the mothers and their preborn babies, to the Capitol to work hand-in-hand with our lawmakers.

"We are proud to be a part of seeing this legislation passed, and thankfully there will be limits on abortion in the state of Idaho. However, there will still be women facing unexpected pregnancies and there will still be children in the womb that need support. Stanton is prepared to provide quality care to the women who will need the support, resources, and life-affirming care provided through our trained medical staff.

"Idaho is part of a group of states in the nation leading the way to protect preborn babies by passing this legislation. It is incredibly important to create a post-Roe world. We believe God has raised us up for this very purpose – to ensure there is never a woman or a family facing an unexpected pregnancy that doesn't have the resources, support, and quality healthcare they deserve."


Stanton Healthcare, based in Boise, has life-affirming clinics in Idaho and affiliates across America and internationally. Stanton provides compassionate and professional women’s healthcare along with holistic services to clients experiencing an unexpected pregnancy.


For more information, contact Linda Thomas at 208-803-1646.