Every week it seems like states across the country are passing new school choice policies that expand opportunity for students. Now it’s South Carolina’s turn: this week, the Senate is considering a bill that would bring historic education freedom to our state. We have the chance to lead the way in expanding education freedom for families and ensure that kids in South Carolina have the best education possible.

Senator Wes Climer has introduced amendments to the bill (S.39) that would substantially increase the number of families eligible to participate. Our goal should be simple: expand school choice to include as many students as possible.

Many senators, including Senator Climer, Senator Michael Johnson, and Senator Harvey Peeler, have been champions for education freedom. We need more senators to stand with them to support school choice.

I’m asking for your help: please call and email your state senator today and ask them to support Senator Climer’s amendments to the school choice bill.

School choice is about recognizing that parents know what is best for their children. Every parent deserves the opportunity to choose the education that is best for their child – regardless of their income or zip code. The South Carolina Senate has the chance to make that opportunity a reality for tens of thousands of families.

South Carolina kids are counting on us! Contact your senator today.

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